Win more, keep more and upsell more members

Capturing Prospect Data

Capturing a prospects data is key to any fitness business. There are interesting ways that you can do this. For example, with the Wheel Of Fitness game. Cleverly, in order for people to enter so that they can spin the Wheel of Fitness and win a prize, they’ll need to firstly enter their details. Here are 5 innovative ways to … Read More

Discover How Using Lead Magnets Can Attract Your Ideal Customer

One of the biggest differences between fitness owners who are thriving and fitness owners who are barely surviving is the ability to attract new customers. Not having a system in place to consistently generate new leads makes for a stressful situation and often leads to otherwise well-run fitness clubs closing their doors.   What is a Lead Magnet?  A lead generation magnet is an irresistible … Read More

Summer Is Here! It’s Time To Promote A 6 Week Beach Body Programme

Once the beach is in sight, we all start to think about how we are going to look when we are stripped down and basking in the sun. Motivation to get a quick fix exercise programme is at one of the highest points of the year. For the commitment phobia prospect, the 6-week programme is an acceptable bridge to get … Read More

Xperio Part 6: Running A PT Fortnight Campaign

Member retention is just as important as attracting new members to your club. Keeping them engaged and offering something new and different than just basic facilities will keep them invested and help the spread the good word to their friends about what you’re doing, to show you care. We recommend running this programme for your members. This can be done … Read More

Xperio Part 5: Try It! Fortnight

Try It! Fortnight is probably one of the most exciting offerings that makes Xperio the best fitness club member experience programme on this planet! It’s a chance for members to try something new and different that they may not have even considered before. It’s the perfect programme for those that may be feeling bored or demotivated. Try It! Fortnight Is … Read More

Xperio Part 4: Wear The Shirt Campaign

When Wellington Health & Fitness Club Commercial Services manager, Ian Davis sat down to devise this promotion, there was a set of objectives he was looking to achieve. He was looking to devise, first and foremost a club recognition scheme for his members that would give them a series of ongoing training targets to aim for and incentivise and increase … Read More

Xperio Part 3: Running A Member And Guest Day Campaign

When it comes to trying to attract new customers to join your gym, there’s not many better strategies than running regular Member and Guest Days at your club.  Despite the promise of free access to your facilities, a campaign like this has various benefits which you shouldn’t ignore.  Gets the prospect into your club  Gives them a taste of what they could get  … Read More

Xperio Part 2: Tribe Training

Introducing Tribe – Small Group Training Sessions. And why you should be running them at your club… Tribe Training (small group training sessions) have been one of the most effective member programmes our clients have been running at their sites. Why? Because it’s a chance for your members to gather their friends and train with one of your instructors in … Read More

Here’s Proof Why Xperio Is The Top Member Experience Programme For Your Club: Part 1

To all fitness club operators… I bring you Xperio, the number 1-member experience programme.  This organised, incredible and game changing sequence of events will make your club stand out from the crowd and is proven to make you loads of money! So, what’s the fuss about? What is Xperio? Xperio is a sequenced quarterly programme of member engagement campaigns designed … Read More

How To Succeed With Your Fitness Club Pricing Strategy

Far and away the biggest error that I see working with struggling operators is that quite simply they don’t charge enough! They desperately yearn to run great clubs but can’t afford the staff to deliver it because of a lack of profits. The lack of cash affects the power and intensity of their promotional push and to compensate to get … Read More