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The 10 Best Freemium Offers For Fitness Clubs

Everyone likes getting something for free. Users of gyms and leisure centres are no different. But just because it isn’t a form of marketing that costs the customer anything initially, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using this tactic. It’s actually the start of a very important funnel… Attract: You’re gaining attention from customers by NOT selling anything, which is … Read More

Networking With Your Members

How To Get Your Fitness Team Talking More To Your Members: It’s not a question of attitude, its more usually a lack of process. One of your key jobs as fitness club operators is to help your staff team overcome the problem of cold calling when it comes to meeting members in your gym. Members need to feel that the … Read More

Why Online Surveys Are So Effective

Advertising online isn’t just about gathering leads and prospect data, it’s an opportunity to find out more about your target audience. And the more you know about them, the better chance you have of offering them what they want. Therefore, advertising online surveys is such a useful thing to do for your fitness club. Like mentioned previously, it’s not just … Read More

New Member Onboarding: Part 2: The Anatomy Of A Personal Programme Card

A personal programme card is a handy tool to hand out to your members and work through with them to ensure they are exercising effectively. Here’s 20 tips on using them to their full potential: Name BLOCK capitals are best and write big to assist filing and finding, if you are storing cards on site. If you do retain the … Read More

New Member Onboarding: Part 1: Learning Styles

When I recently attended the London Museum for an exhibition celebrating the 350-year anniversary since the Great Fire of London, I learnt something that’s very useful, and I think that all fitness club operators should think about when designing their new member’s introduction programmes. Popular Museums understand that people learn in a variety of ways and if you are going … Read More

10 Ways To Maximise Your Digital Leadbox Offer

So, now that you’ve got your Digital Leadbox System in place, you’ll need to make sure that you are maximising the offer to its full potential. Here’s 10 key steps to doing so: Step 1: Place your tap and go leadboxes in areas of high traffic. For example, restaurants, hospitals, dentists, doctors’ surgeries, offices, hair salons – basically anywhere where … Read More

Have You Heard The Latest? 500 Leads GUARANTEED!

Announcing… The lead generation must have product set to take the fitness industry by storm. Digital Leadboxes. When maximised to its full potential, the Digital Leadbox System is guaranteed to generate you 500 leads. And we’re so certain of this statement, that if it doesn’t, you’ll get your money back! It’s essential to place the Digital Leadbox in hot traffic … Read More

What’s Your Summer Offer?

Summer is finally here, and people are looking to get into shape for that beach ready body. There has never been a better time to entice new members with a range of joining offers to improve the conversion of your fitness club marketing. Keep the market interested in your promotions by mixing up the themes and categories of your offer. … Read More

3 Ways To Use Surveys

Advertise why your fitness club is unique Create an attractive advert in a piece of graphic design software (we recommend Photoshop) with a catchy title like “Want to know why we’re unique” or “Find out why we’re different from our competitors”. Run this advert on Facebook and Google, targeting it to prospects interested in health and fitness. Place this advert … Read More

Capturing Prospect Data

Capturing a prospects data is key to any fitness business. There are interesting ways that you can do this. For example, with the Wheel Of Fitness game. Cleverly, in order for people to enter so that they can spin the Wheel of Fitness and win a prize, they’ll need to firstly enter their details. Here are 5 innovative ways to … Read More