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key word is Optimisation

In the next few lines, I am going to tell you precisely how successful online marketeers  do it. In all seriousness, this is probably the most potentially profitable email I have ever written for you. You may want to read these few paragraphs several times, print them out and stick them to the wall. This is, in many ways, THE … Read More

Your Website

If you have a website the chances are it’s not making you much money. Because statistically, some 90% of businesses’ websites DON’T make a penny. Truth is, making your website pay its way is not quite as simple as your website designer might have led you to believe. Here’s why: in the same way you can’t build a profitable and … Read More

5 of the recent changes that directly impact your business

When I first started working with business owners to maximise their sales from Google, about 10 years ago, Google would make two or three significant changes every year. Now they come up with a big change almost every week. As a business owner and a smart internet marketer, your fortunes are closely tied to Google. Here are just five of … Read More

7 highly effective ways to secure your fitness club during this downturn

While global financial assets tumble, and everyone else panics, you have as asset which can produce growth rates that will leave most stock traders green with envy, IF you handle it right. That asset is your customers. Your customers (and future customers) are part of the key that will secure you during this economic turmoil. Unlike shares and traditional investing, … Read More

Imagine owning a shop where 99 out of 100 people who come in, walk out again without buying from you.

Imagine owning a shop where 99 out of 100 people who come in, walk out again without buying from you. How depressing would that be? Well here’s the good news. There’s a simple step you can take to ensure that 10%, 20% or more of the people who visit your site become either customers or potential customers. And it’s a … Read More

There is a specific element of fitness business success

There is a specific element of fitness business success that most owners and managers never truly grasp and as a result, never come close to creating the financial results that they desire. It relates to their ability to take Action. Every successful operator I’ve met, has an ability to take consistent, large scale action at a level that leaves most … Read More

Google adwords

One of the most important developments in Internet Marketing. If you were to ask me what the single most important development in marketing has been over the last two years, the answer would be clear: Pay per click Advertising. Now at this point, you’re either familiar with pay per click advertising and have a sense of what it involves – … Read More

The deepest purpose of your business

If you ask most business owners and managers what the deepest purpose of their business is, they will probably all say it is to make money and profits. I think this is a huge mistake. Here’s why … Over the years, I have read the biographies of  some of the world’s great Entrepreneurs. People such as Richard Branson, Duncan Bannatyne … Read More

1 of the key ingredients for your Fitness Business Success.

It’s Free and you can do it right now but I can guarantee that virtually none of your competitors are doing it. What is it? It’s thinking outside the box. It’s taking a step back from your business and looking at your marketing in a totally new way. Let me explain. Most fitness clubs are trapped in a prison. It’s … Read More

30 questions to Ask yourself regarding your Business

Today I want to show you a great way to highlight some instant ways for you to bring in more customers and grow your business. The following are 30 questions that will immediately pinpoint where your business is doing well – and where you can take action that will produce rapid results. These are the questions that I ask my … Read More