Fit Digital Launch!

It’s the eve of L.I.W and we are delighted to announce the launch of FIT DIGITAL, our latest fitness club marketing initiative.

It’s all previewed in the Momentum newsletter online and it’s here for you to read ….

Fiti digital logo -06

It’s taken about 2 years of hard graft, sometimes painful product development, definitely extensive market testing and a shed load of sweat and tears from the team in the Momentum office.

It’s all been worthwhile though and we are happy to be right there now.

We can promise you, without hesitation, robust, exciting and most importantly PROVEN marketing solutions for you to deploy.

You will read in the newsletter or see on our website, that we are so confident of the POWER of these cool solutions to improve your fitness club business that we positively GUARENTEE them to work!

Yes, you did hear that right!


If you use our solutions and they don’t make you PROFIT – YOU DONT PAY!

We are absolutely over the moon at the potential of our catalogue so we urge you download it, feast on it, and then get in touch with us!

Alongside our 100% MONEY BACK GUARENTEE we also extend a CATCHMENT EXCLUSIVITY benefit for our client clubs,

This means that if you’re using our programmes, then your competition CAN’T get access under ANY CONDITIONS!

You have a COMPLETE MONOPOLY in your area and that seems fair enough to us to protect your interests.

What that also means for you is that you shouldn’t hang about over thinking the proposal. Your competition may be watching too!

Take a look, NOW, at what we can do for you and make a decision before your competition gets the upper hand!  Remember – you have 60 days of 100% Money Back Reassurance so you can’t lose !

If you are NOT going to L.I.W then download our newsletter here and see for yourself what the fuss is all about.



If you ARE going to LIW and you would like to meet up for a coffee or a beer then please get in touch. I have a couple of slots left on Wednesday but we are filling up.


So, enjoy the show if you’re going

Don’t forget to subscribe to our blueprint library on our website

They are free, very useful and the first one will be with you just a couple of minutes after you register on the site.

Hope that you find them useful. Enjoy!



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