Elements 4 and 5 of The Science of Fitness Club Marketing

In this post we discuss elements 4 and 5 of the core elements that you must use whatever size of club you are.

4. Membership Prospecting

Sales guru Zig Ziglar once said “Timid salesmen have skinny kids”.

Meaning… if you just wait around for your prospects to buy when they feel like it… you’ll be waiting a long, long time.

Fact is, on average you’ll need to contact a potential customer seven times before they become a paying customer.

But most fitness clubs give up after just one or two points of contact and they’re losing a fortune as a result… a fortune that ends up going into the pockets of their competitors.

In this economy, an effective follow up strategy can make the difference between success and failure.

Its a vitally important lesson to learn and we will be covering it in The Science of Fitness Club Marketing Seminar

fitness sales

Why sometimes saying “nothing” is the best sales technique

The image most people have of membership sales people is of fast-talking, loud, and pushy sellers of anything they can get money for.

I think it’s actually an honourable profession IF you’re honest and act with integrity. After all, what could be a better way of serving your members and prospects than giving them exactly what they need to solve their health problems and improve their lives?

The trouble is, actually making the sale can be hard. Even asking for the sale is bad enough… but overcoming resistance when you have asked for the sale is even harder.

But here’s a simple way to make it much easier for you.

First, make sure you’re offering more than one option.

Secondly, ask not, “would you like this?” but “which one of these is going to work out best for you ?”. The question is actually a presupposition they’re going to buy something from you: it’s not IF but WHICH.

And thirdly, BE QUIET. If you’ve done a decent presentation at this point they’re going to want to buy – and ought not be asking for the sale until you feel they ARE ready to buy: the only choice they need to be making is WHICH OPTION. So you need to go quiet and let them think (and if it’s a couple, let them talk).

Too often the strain gets too much and we dive in there trying to reinforce a sale we’ve already made… and end up either offering an unnecessary discount or talking ourselves out of a sale at all.

5. Money Back Guarantees

Helping Prospects say YES !

90days money back guarantee3-01

Everyone knows guarantees are an excellent way to increase sales and conversions because they remove the risk and uncertainty from the sale. In effect, the Club is saying, “I’ll assume all the risk, and if anything goes wrong or it doesn’t work the way I’ve said it will, you can have your money back”.

And human nature being what it is means not only do very, very few people ever cheat you, but many people who THOUGHT they might take advantage of it at the outset to claim on your guarantee simply don’t bother.

But what a lot of fitness club owners DON’T know is there are guarantees… and there are GUARANTEES. In other words, there are some very simple things you can do to make your guarantees much more compelling and so increase your membership sales and profits.


Here are just two of them:

  1. Make your guarantees plain and simple. I’m forever amazed by the small print people insist on putting in their guarantees, loads of pernickety terms and conditions. Forget them. Not only do they make you seem a bit of a weasel when your customers read them, but they water the whole idea down. Make your guarantees unconditional; or if you can’t do that, make the conditions big and bold and give a reason for them.
  2. Make your guarantees more exciting and generous.“I promise, if this Transformation Workout Programme doesn’t drop you a dress size in JUST 6 weeks clean, I’ll give you your money back

So, take time this week to introduce Money Back Guarantees and if you have got them now , how you can change them to make them even more compelling than they are now.

Well be covering a whole host of tips to make it easier for customers to say “yes”at The Science of Fitness Club Marketing


The Science of Fitness Club Marketing



7 Step Membership Sales Process. The Greeting #2

Welcome to our series on “Maximising your Fitness Club Sales”.

The Greeting

The first 10 seconds is going to be vital in creating the right first impression and to overcome the prospects likely anxiety about the experience.

The really good sales people will prepare themselves for the meeting by adopting a particular ‘game face’ and attitude by thinking themselves in to the customer centric zone with these self questions

customer centric zone  questions

  1. I wonder how i will be able to help this person
  2. I wonder what we will have in common
  3. I wonder what i will really like about this person

By psyching yourself up, the sales person is preparing to ask a lot of investigative questions to uncover the deep seated motivations of the prospect and most importantly to relax the visitor by getting them to open up about themselves and start a line of communication with the sales staff.

The other benefit is that this technique creates a lift in self confidence evident in the body language of the sales person and key to establishing the right type of image in the first 10 seconds of the meeting .

3 of the 7 core elements of the science of fitness club marketing

3 out of 7 core elements of fitness club marketing

Fitness Club Marketing is the core of every fitness club. It requires a scientific approach. With the new online marketing landscape of Google PPC, Facebook advertising , Remarketing and the rise of social media we break apart the core activities of modern fitness club marketing.

In this post we discuss 3 of the core elements that you must use whatever size of club you are.

1. OnlineVideo

Online Video is vital for your business: You tube is the second most widely used search engine after Google. TV advertising is the most influential media. If you are in the Fitness Club industry Video is something you must be embracing in 2015. It’s your chance to tell your story. Whatever your price point it allows you to get across the USP’s (unique selling points) the vital differences between you and the competition

Screenshot 2014-06-17 15.11.43

Just 4 facts about why you should have video on your webpage….

  1. If you have a video you will receive a 53% better listing from Google, which means you will be ranked higher in the search engine
  2. On Youtube there is over 6 billion hours of video watched every month
  3. The easiest method to pass emotions such as excitement, passion and warmth to your customers is through a video *

* Psychology and Brain Scientist, Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D

  1. A website with a video will engage an average visitor up 2 minutes more than others

2. Customer Referrals

A Referral is one of the best and cheapest forms of getting new business there is.

No doubt about it, “word of mouth” Marketing is the most potent form of Marketing around But, here’s the thing: even though it’s one of the most powerful form of Marketing there is, and it’s almost always Free… why do so many fitness club owners leave Referrals to chance?
So in this special seminar we will share with you some of the most powerful of the dozens of different referral strategies you can get working for you in your fitness business:

member referral

Let me put it to you plainly: many fitness club owners find when they start measuring their marketing… referrals are their No. 1 source of new business. And that’s even before they try to get them!

So imagine what it’s going to do for your bottom line when you’ve listened to this seminar and put these strategies to work with a proper, formal Referral strategy.


If you think sending emails to your prospects is hard work, then your day is about to get better.

Virtually every fitness club owner I meet is making the same mistake: they’re not sending enough emails to their members and potential customers.

“Autoresponders” offer a simple way of using computers for what they’re best at: doing repetitive tasks so you don’t have to bother. In this case, you get them to send the emails for you.

reading e-mail

One of the major ways to make emailing effective is to “Split test” and analyse before you broadcast to your list.

Ever wondered if making a change to your email content or subject line will improve your results or make them worse?

It makes a difference for sure. You must split test all of your campaigns before sending it to your members.

Here are the simple stages in running effective email campaigns.We will be covering these in the seminar.

  • Collect – gathering information on the customer and getting their consent to stay in contact
  • Create – designing engaging, relevant messages that will appeal to the customer
  • Send – delivering the message to the customer at the right time
  • Share – leveraging social media to let customers spread your message
  • Analyse – measuring the results so that you can continually improve your campaigns

Do you find it useful so far?

Why not join us on the Seminar:

The Science of Fitness Club Marketing



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7 Step Membership Sales Process. Step #1 – Pre Meet Key Actions

Welcome to our series on “Maximising your Fitness Club Sales”. Over the next 2 weeks we will be explaining the ultimate sales system.

 Pre Meet Key Actions

  1. Your sales team to have pre-confirmed the appointment – show rates increase 20% with a confirmation call on the day of; (for afternoon and evening appointments ) or the night before for morning meetings.
  2. The customer knows exactly where to report to and who to ask for.
  3. Reception are suitably prepared and briefed for the visit (with some sort of diary system) They know the name of the visitor, the time and reason for the visit and the sales staff handling the visit.
  4. There is a waiting area where the customer can be seated, if there is a delay in the arrival of the sales person. Ideally the Club should provide a range of information for the prospect to look at, particularly testimonials of happy members, events that show the club to be more than just a workout gym and the expertise of the staff . If possible the waiting area should have facilities for presentations (powerpoint or video ), wallcharts of club achievements. You will notice I am not advocating the customer filling in customer enquiry cards which i think is counter productive .My new mantra is “ If John Lewis don’t do it when i visit there stores – we need to think again”

17 questions about your fitness club you should answer YES!

17 questions about your fitness club

The Science of Fitness Club Marketing


  1. Have you test marketed a range of initial introductory services & products before you even consider marketing the membership offer to your market?
  2. Are you aware that SEO is no more? And how are you guaranteeing your website the best possible chance of attracting traffic?
  3. Have you looked at utilising a secondary sales system and process to cross sell after membership?
  4. Are you actively marketing a comprehensive fitness services portfolio to both active members and prospects?
  5. Is P.T really what your customers want? Is there a better way to deliver greater value for customers?
  6. Are you using all the different form of membership options to drive sales?
  7. Have you reduced the barrier to entry for all prospects to make sales easier?
  8. Have you reviewed your staff structure in the light of the growing emphasis on service?
  9. Are you aware of the value of each and every customer you acquire and can calculate accurately the recruitment costs of each customer?
  10. Are you using facebook to send messages JUST to your current customers?
  11. Is MENTORING the breakthrough job for clubs that want to establish a reputation as member – centric?
  12. Do you have a 7 – 28 step approach to converting prospects to paying customers?
  13. Are you deploying video in the right way on your websites?
  14. Are you using Google adwords and PPC advertising and if you are ,are you ensuring visibility by ensuring youre visible on the Left hand side ?
  15. Have you considered the benefits of income share rather than rental for outsourcing personal training?
  16. Have you re-evaluated your pricing policies using a 3 tier premium pricing strategy?
  17. Do you understand that coming to the Science of Fitness Club Marketing could fast track you to greater success this year?


Questions that you will be able to answer YES to after your day at “The Science of Fitness Club Marketing” seminar with Duncan Green & Kenny McAndrew


Adopt this proven system and recover the cost of your seminar, travel and time (as minimum) or we will provide a 100% refund


The Science of Fitness Club Marketing


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Split testing to improve Email Marketing

What email strategy do you use in your fitness club?


In order to maximise our email strategy we are testing and improving our emails constantly. We strongly believe that you must use split testing in ALL of your email campaigns. Below you can see a sample email strategy that you could follow for your club promotions.

We recommend that you firstly test your SUBJECT LINE ( the line which your customers see next to the name of the sender.

You can also test TEXT-based emails vs IMAGE based ( Remember images are often stripped because the email size is a bit bigger.)

Here is a TEST CAMPAIGN STRATEGY for you to try :

Split out from your database 4 groups of 200 email addresses.  You can use the following strategy:

Use 2 individual subject lines ……Use a text only version and one with graphics ….

1.      Subject line 1 + text

2.      Subject line 1 + graphics

3.      Subject line 2 + text

4.      Subject line 2 + graphics

Try this schedule with 3 individual emails

(You can determine different criteria which you can test but remember for precise results test just one component at the time.)

email marketing strategy3-01


After testing with the first three emails from your email string.

The winning combination of subject line and text or graphics is now sent to everyone who hasn’t received it.

Your email system then will provide you with a report on the success of the campaign ( if it doesn’t contact us and we will give you one that does.)


You can then split your list into 3 groups :

1.      Those who did not-open, – COLD

2.      Those who opened – WARM

3.      Those who clicked on your emails.- HOT

You will then create three distinct lists of emails based on their responses.

To your

  • cold leads you can offer the same content with a different subject line
  • warm leads you can send a different type of email – for example connected with time constraints – Don’t miss out on the offer , it ends on (date)
  •  hot leads you can offer a much more sales related and direct incentive to make them react on your emails

After your clients start to react on your emails you can follow the loyal customers and reward them, but this technique will be the basis of another topic for discussion

The most powerful marketing strategy in the world

This post is about how to tap into possibly the most powerful marketing strategy in the world.

Word of mouth recommendation is an incredibly effective form of marketing, because what other people say about you is more believable than what you say about yourself (this is why testimonials are so good for business).


And the very best word of mouth marketing of all is a referral, where someone is essentially saying, “this person solved my problem….you should go to them so they can solve yours too”.
We all like referrals but most business owners are doing nothing proactive to get them. In this economy, that is very dangerous.

Here are some fundamentals on how to maximise the effectiveness of Free Referrals:

  1. From day one, customers need to know that Referrals are a key part of your business and that if you do a good job for them, you expect them to recommend you. If that sounds like taking a tough stance – it is but try it – you’ll be surprised at how effective it is.
  2. If you’re getting Referrals at the moment without asking for them, you’ll double or triple the number you get when you do ask. Ask in person, ask by mail and email, ask on the phone. Ask – and keep asking.
  3. Remember that customers are not just doing you a favour by giving you a Referral. We ENJOY giving Referrals. Don’t you love recommending a great film you’ve seen to a family member or friend? Your customers will actually get pleasure from giving the people they know the same experience they’ve had. This is one of the reasons that asking for Referrals works better than many think.
  4. Thank your customers when they give you Referrals. Send them a letter or call them.
  5. Reward your customers for giving you a Referral. Either with a gift, or something of value from your business or, if appropriate, with cash. The better the gift, the more likely they are to give you more Referrals.
  6. Have a formal Referral system where you ‘Market’ referrals in the same way that you Market your product and services. Promote your business’s Referral process with emails, direct mail, phone calls and meetings.


One final point: Referrals are a vital part of the Marketing mix during the best of times. But in a challenging economy, they’re simply essential. People are far more cautious with the money they spend. If you’re recommended to them by someone they trust, it will massively reduce that caution.

Because they’re Free, the typical business owner thinks Referrals are too good to be true. In this economy, be anything, but don’t be typical.

Our Mission:

We have been helping fitness club owners and managers for over a decade to make more money and have more fun running their fitness club business.

There are two sets of people who we aim at and hope that we will help:

  • Club owners, to assist them make more money but equally importantly to make them feel that there is someone who grasps the problems of their business and who they can turn to. 
  • And the second group are the up and coming Managers and corporate business leaders at who want to achieve a long profitable career in the sector and want to be at the cutting edge of the latest marketing concepts, sales strategies and business ideas.


6 questions about your website and internet marketing

Below are six questions about your website and internet marketing. Please give them serious consideration.


  1. Do you try to sell to people immediately on your website or are you doing ‘lead generation‘ where you get visitors to begin a relationship with you? This approach has been known to increase conversions by over 1000%.
  2. Do you have professional video on your website, produced in high definition and integrating the lead generation strategy mentioned above?
  3. Do you have an email auto responder system on your website and have you found a good copywriter who can write your customer emails, leaving you free to grow your business?
  4. Do you have ‘remarketing’ banner ads in place to reach people who leave your website without buying?
  5. Do you have a professional Facebook presence and a system to create your Facebook posts for the next year?
  6. Has the copy on the homepage of your website been written by a professional copywriter who understands the fundamentals of direct response marketing?

key word is Optimisation

In the next few lines, I am going to tell you precisely how successful online marketeers  do it. In all seriousness, this is probably the most potentially profitable email I have ever written for you. You may want to read these few paragraphs several times, print them out and stick them to the wall. This is, in many ways, THE secret.

They key word – and it’s not a sexy or exciting word – but the key word is Optimisation.




You’ve been sold a big lie by the internet world. The big lie is that there are one or maybe two marketing methods that hold the key to your riches. It’s all about SEO or it’s all about Facebook, etc etc.

The truth is less glamorous. But it’s far, far more exciting, if you’re willing to grasp is.

The truth is that if you really want to achieve extraordinary things with the internet, you must start obsessing about Optimisation.

What is Optimisation? Put simply, it is the process of making small to medium improvements to EVERYTHING that leads to a sale.

Here’s a simple example. Someone looking for a 6 week Beach Body Programme for a forthcoming holiday clicks on a Google pay per click ad. They arrive at a web page with copy and a video promoting the programme. They click the order button, fill out the form and buy the product. The thank you page says ‘thank you’ and confirms the order. They receive an email confirming the order. Sale complete

100 people click on the Google ad every day. Half of them watch the video in full. 10% of those buy. That’s 5 sales per day.

Optimisation is the process of testing and improving every small element in that process. That would include improving:

  1.  The keywords used on Google
  2.  The headline of the ad
  3.  The copy of the ad
  4.  The display URL in the ad
  5.  The headline on the page they land at
  6.  The copy on the page
  7.  The font and colours used on the page
  8.  Pictures and graphics on the page
  9.  The first 10 seconds of the video
  10. The rest of the video
  11. The ‘call to action’ at the end of the video
  12. The wording on the order button
  13. The colour of the order button
  14. The actual offer – including the price and bonuses
  15. The wording at the top of the order page
  16. The layout and wording and ease of use of the order page
  17. The use of testimonials on the order page
  18. The wording of the confirmation button
  19. An additional upsell offer on the thank you page
  20. The price and positioning of that offer
  21. Adding an additional purchase option in the confirmation email
  22. Writing a sequence of follow up emails offering additional items
  23. Following up on the phone with the customer
  24. Following up with direct mail with the customer
  25. Online remarketing to the customers and to people who did not buy

There are actually many more….but those are 25 to keep going.

Can you even begin to imagine the increase in profits if you achieved just a 5% increase in all 25 areas?

Going back to our example, It would be very normal for this type of optimisation to increase the clicks from Google to 150 per day, increase the numbers watching all of the video to 75% and increase the percentage who buy to at least 15%. That would produce 16 sales per day compared to 5 previously. An increase of over 200%

I have just told you how to become a marketing genius online. It is that simple but virtually no one does it.

How many of the 25 above are you focusing on?

Success is a choice. You just need to make the right choices. And stop making the wrong ones.