Online and Advanced Sales & Marketing Support for Fitness Clubs

Momentum have been successfully supporting Fitness Clubs for over a decade!

We have developed a comprehensive programme of proven, successful blueprints suitable for adoption by Club operators.

You can simply parachute these “blueprints” in to your business and your club can start to enjoy the dramatic sales and revenue increases that Momentum clients have been achieving since we were “born” in 2001.
We’re opening up our considerable vault of Fitness Club Resources, to let you have access to some of our most closely guarded Consulting secrets. Our very best “Process maps” that we have installed in Client clubs for over a decade and which have inspired incredible sales increases and revenue growth.
If you subscribe to our Blueprint Library, we will deliver FREE of charge to you a Process Map every week for the next few months.
The good news is that the first one will be with you shortly……
  • Online Lead Generation

  • Offline Lead Generation

  • Membership Sales Accelerator

  • Customer Value Maximisation

  • Club Success Planning System

  • Member retention & Engagement Plan

  • Club Managers Leadership programme 

  • Website Effectiveness

  • Email Success Blueprint