Online and Advanced Sales & Marketing Support for Fitness Clubs

Monetizing Fitness Services

Unlocking the “hidden profits”

in your business !


We work with you face to face in 12 week windows to help you plan, act, install, support, review, administer, mentor, train , motivate, analyse and relaunch.


Your  sales system efficacy

Your online marketing strategy

Your offline marketing  processes

Your data collection systems

Review your membership architecture

The range of joining fee options

The initial ‘Upsell’ process

Your  V.I.P. upgrade options

Your Member sales process – Upsell and cross sell

Your planning templates

Membership administration system

Rejection collection system

Fitness services promotion

Performance management measurements

Your ‘backend’ business development

Your staffing structure

Comparative analysis against industry benchmarks

Our service review includes the following analysis and areas of focus


The RESULTS you can EXPECT ...

more customers
paying higher prices
staying longer
buying more services
motivated staff
planned blueprint
measurable results