Integrating Your New Members Needs Careful Thought!

Making Your New Members happy- Take them back to” Fitness School”!


Half the battle in making your Club work for new members is getting them feeling comfortable in their new surroundings.

That’s largely down to your new member “Induction process”.

It’s where Clubs make sure that customers understand how to work everything, know where everything is, understand what’s due to them under their membership and what to do if they need help?


It sounds a relatively straightforward task but that education needs to take into account the differing needs of your new members and most importantly, the manner in which that education is going to be delivered.


The research shows that peoples preferred method of learning and absorbing information vary significantly from person to person.

Clubs may therefor need to rethink there “New Member Induction Process “and how’s it’s delivered to get the best results.


Here’s a snapshot of what new members need to learn to survive in your club!


  • How to work the equipment
  • An understanding of exercise science as it applies to their specific goals
  • How to programme themselves on the equipment
  • What commitment is needed from them to hit their objectives
  • How to train effectively
  • How to track their progress
  • What to do when they need help
  • How to book re-programmes
  • What to eat to get the results they want
  • How to book Classes and other facilities
  • Site familiarity (What happens & Where everything is)
  • Online familiarity and integration (whitelist your emails, like your Facebook page etc.)
  • A clear understanding of who does what in the Club?
  • Where to go to buy additional services
  • How to refer friends
  • How to invite guests
  • Knowledge of the specific Club promotions they may benefit from
  • How to meet people just like them



Learning Styles – How do People Learn?


It is widely recognised that learners have different and preferred learning styles.  This has been used particularly in relation to adult learning.  Reflecting on learning styles can really help you to look at new members in a different way, encouraging you to think about how best to present the learning experience and what teaching strategies will have the most impact.



Common Learning Styles


Here are some ideas to bear in mind when planning your “Induction Process” to ensure you take account of different learning styles within your new member group and plan a range of activities to meet their needs.


There are essentially 3 different learning styles:


  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinaesthetic












Learning Style Characteristics Suggested Approaches


q  Relate most effectively to information which is written

q  Uncomfortable with a teaching delivery where they are unable to take notes

q  Most effective when using written communication

q  Give hand-outs and pens using diagrams, pictures etc.

q  Use videos

q  Allow  new members  to make notes

q  Highlight key words on worksheets and hand-outs












q  Relate most effectively to the spoken word

q  Learn skills by, listening, imitation and practice

q  Give verbal instructions

q  Let the new member have access to audio tapes etc

q  Use discussion for learning

q  Repetition is key

q  Multiple media use



q  Learn effectively through movement, getting involved and ‘hands on’ activities

q  Learn skills by imitation and practice

q  May find that they are impatient if they have to sit and listen for lengthy periods

q  Ensure learners are actively involved

q  Use ‘hands on’ activities

q  Make use of videos, webinars, seminars

q  Shorter repeated sessions may work best






So, based on the research into learning styles so here are some ideas for you to incorporate into your new member induction process.


  • Scripted equipment familiarity and programming sessions
  • Utilise PowerPoint Presentations
  • Video follow up sessions
  • Email strings
  • Audio presentations
  • Regular Hand-outs
  • Offline & Online Newsletters
  • Follow -up Calls to determine progress and next moves
  • Paper based Programme Cards
  • Paper Personal Progress packs
  • Offline Food Diaries
  • Online Exercise Intensity Trackers


So here are some golden rules that all “new member procedures” should adhere to.


  • Make it applicable to the experience of the user.

One size will NOT fit all. Have a range of options that customers can choose from when they enlist.


  • Ensure it is Specific to the learning style as we have discussed above. Cover all the bases in terms of media.


  • Follow up by telephone to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Don’t forget to ask for referrals and build that promotion in to the starter process.

The Nuts and Bolts of Overcoming Objections

Objection Handling For Sales people

The most successful membership sales people use a strict well rehearsed system for dealing with objections.

Like many things we discuss in high performance sales work chance is taken out utilising well crafted scripts and a choreographed process.

Here’s how it rolls .

Consider the acronym: P.R.E.K.C.

P stands for Pause.

The first thing that you do if a customer comes up with an objection is to do nothing, is to just pause for a few seconds. Take your time in responding.

Remember what they said they don’t mean. It is not true, they are not telling you the truth. This is because they are just having a little last-minute panic.

What you do next is to repeat back to them what they said to you.

The R is “repeat”

‘You don’t think you’ve got the time?

You’re worried about the money?’

And you leave the words hanging so the prospect can hear what they said again. You both know it’s not true and they need to know you know it’s not true. So, you leave it hanging.

Now because you just put a little bit of pressure on this relationship you must do then a process called “empathise”. To show “empathy “with the client inability to decide.

The E in P.R.E.K.C stands for “Empathise”

We use a technique called “Feel, Felt, Found.” To overcome it.

Here’s how we build a sentence with these three words in it.

#1 Money or the price.

It’s more expensive than I thought it was going to be, it’s more money than I was hoping to pay. The second one is the time. ‘I’m not sure I’ve got the time to use the club to get the value out of it.’

The third is the competition. ‘I’d like to look around the other clubs in the town before I make a decision.’

The fourth one, is what we call the spouse or the partner objection. ‘I’d like to go home and discuss it with my partner before I decide about joining.’

And the fifth one, ‘I will think about it.’ Also known as the procrastination objection. Now when you look at the needs analysis interview that we’ve done, every single one of these five has been asked about in that interview. So, all this is a complete shock to you if you’ve done the system right. That doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen because people are saying these things even when they don’t really mean them.

So it goes something like this,

‘It’s more money than I thought it was going to be.’

Look them in the eye and pause for a few seconds.

Then you say; ‘It’s more money than you thought it was going to be?

I know exactly how you feel .

Lots of my customers at this point felt it was a huge amount of money to invest but once they got started and they started to feel the benefits and see results within the first four to six weeks they realise it’s the best money they spent.’

K is the key Question

I’m then going to move on and ask the key question. ‘Is it the only thing stopping you from joining today Kelly? Is it the only thing stopping you from joining today? I just need to make sure that it is.’

Then I’m going to close. The final piece of the jigsaw is the closing question.

Now if you are working with a club of any quality at all you will be using some sort of money back guarantee. Money Back Guarantees can be anything from 7, 14 to 21 days long but any club of any value should be using that. Here’s how we use it in the close.

‘Kelly, will you know within the next 14 days whether you’ve joined a club where you are going to get value for money?

Would you know in the first two weeks whether you’ve made a good decision?


Great, here’s what we’re going to do then. We’re going to sign you up today, I’m going to get you started because I know that you’re keen to achieve that result that we’ve talked about. And if at any time in the next 14 days you’re not happy or you’re not feeling as though you’re getting the value you want from the club, we will give you all your money back.

And here’s the certificate that you can carry to prove that. Let’s get you started.’

And that is the way you use the money back guarantee.

It really is a badge of honour.

You see right now in our industry we’ve got people joining clubs without money back guarantees who then fall out of love and they get hit for the whole membership and they tell everybody they know about what a terrible club it is.

What you want to be doing is for the 5% of people, the five people in 100 who bring this back is they all go and say, ‘I went and used that club and they were really nice and really friendly, but it wasn’t for me and they gave me all my money back.’ How about that PR compared to, ‘I’m not going to join Club X because they’re awful and it cost me £450.00?’

You can’t lose with this, you really cannot.

So, what we’ve got to do is we need to just work that process with each of these five different objections.

‘On the money one is it the joining fee or the monthly dues that’s causing you the problem?

Bearing in mind all the things you get when you join the club, how much were you expecting to pay as a joining fee? “

Or if the objection is the monthly dues amount:

“Bearing in mind the facilities we’ve got and the services we’ve talked about how much were you expecting to pay for the monthly due?’

So you are thinking about £24.00 ? Our membership costs £36 per month and the prospect was thought that £24 per month was their budget. You were happy to pay £24 so the difference of £12.00 per month is what’s stopping you from joining today right ? That’s about £3.00 a week?

(Empathise) I know how you feel, lots of people felt it, then found that we are better by far than any other club iin this area.

Can I ask , is it the only thing stopping you from joining?

Will you know in the next 14 days whether you’ve made the right decision or not?


Great, then here’s what we’ll do, let’s get the paperwork out.’

The competition objection– this  is my favourite one.

‘I’d like to look round at other competitors.’

‘Well I can help you with that because every club in this town we’ve got members from them so I know all about the good and the bad of those clubs, what do you want to know?

I’d like you to join this club, I think is right for you,

Let me ask you, do you think you will know in the next 14 days whether you’ve made the right decision or not?


Great, here’s what we will do, let’s get the paperwork out, get you set-up and I’ll give you the Money back certificate to take away today.’

So that’s the competition one. The partner one. ‘If you went home and you said to your partner I’ve joined the gym what do you think they’d say?

Is it the only thing from stopping you from joining today?

Here’s what we’ll do. I want you to join up today, I want to get you started but if for any reason your partner is not happy about the decision I will give you a full money back guarantee in the next 14 days.

What I’d also like to do is to give you a guest pass for your partner to come down and train with you. Does that sound fair?

Great, let’s get you signed up.’

Finally, the think about it – and this is where as a sales person you really do earn your corn because these people are the worst buyers and they need to be helped. ‘I know how you feel, lots of people have felt this concern that they were making this step into the unknown and not sure if they’re going to get value but found it was the best money they’d spent. Would you know in the next 14 days whether you’ve made a good decision or not? Here’s what we do, join you up, give you the certificate, take it away.’

So, it’s about your confidence and it’s about using the tools that you’ve got and it’s about really having this attitude of mind that what is the worst thing that can happen from somebody joining your fitness club?

They get slimmer, they feel great, they have less chance of dying a premature death, they are going to meet people, they’re going to feel more energised, they’re going to feel a sense of control, emotionally they’re going to feel better.

You owe it to them to really, I think, let’s not call it hard sell but let’s just not take no for an answer. Let’s make them say no, not I want to think about it. Customer indecision is a sales “crime”

Yes or no; your job is to help them decide.

Why all clubs should have a Doctor

Imagine How Many More People Would Join Your Club if you had your own Qualified Doctor to help them…

People are 40 times more likely to ask a Doctor for advice on exercise than a Personal Trainer


Everyone knows that when they have reached a level of ill health they would benefit greatly from following an exercise programme. They just don’t know where to go to get the right advice because of their health issues.

A recent research paper proved that people are 40 times more likely to ask a Doctor for advice on exercise than a Personal Trainer.

So that’s straight forward then…send them to their GP and they will recommend a programme. But you know how increasingly difficult and drawn out the process is to get an appointment to see your GP.

And if you are lucky enough to see your GP… will you get the right advice you were hoping for?

In a recent Scottish study of GP practices, it was found that ONLY 5% of GPs ASK about their patient’s exercise history during a consultation

WHY do you think the statistics are so LOW? Aren’t they trained at Medical school about the benefits of exercise. Aren’t Doctors advocates of the “Exercise is medicine” school of thought????

Err ….NO ! Not at all. In fact it’s a shocking and little known fact that Sports & Exercise Medicine is NOT EVEN ON the curriculum for NEW Doctor training in the UK or even the USA !!!

Imagine the community benefits and yes , the commercial advantage of your club having its own Medical DIRECTOR – a qualified Sports and Exercise Medicine trained Doctor who screens your members and DEALS DIRECTLY with the ones who have a positive risk factor.

NO MORE referring potential customers away to their GP for a letter of authorisation never to be seen again.

Customers hunt your club down BECAUSE you are the only Club in their area where they will get medically supervised exercise prescription! Within the cost of membership! It’s got to make sense on any level you care to think about:


  • Community Engagement
  • Social responsibility
  • Practical Heath initiative
  • Gives your Club a USP in a crowded market
  • Makes you money through increased sales
  • Establishes you as an “Authority “ and “ Enhances “your reputation as a Professional Club

The Power of Online Surveys

The Power of Online Surveys

  • Real time results
  • Customisation ability in the survey
  • Easy to manage manipulation information
  • Survey wrapped inside digital marketing assets


6 key uses…


  • Prospecting

One of the key jobs in membership sales is QUALIFYING your prospects. In the pre-internet days our membership team asked each prospect critical questions to see if our club could provide a suitable solution to the Prospects issue. We’ve developed an online fitness survey that does the very same thing and costs a fraction of the cost of employing good salespeople.  Imagine knowing which of your internet leads are ready to join now, what they want for your club and you have all the details easily available to communicate with them immediately.


  • Medical Activity Readiness Questionnaires

Only 14 % of the population are members of fitness clubs One of the issues for main more is that they are not sure that exercise will help them due to prior medical condition. By using a medical survey online it’s amazingly easy to utilise a local friendly GP to link up to your prospects to assess with them the benefits from joining you. Medical support sets you apart in a crowded market and is an absolute “no brainer” if you want to attract the deconditioned market.

We have a turnkey ready to roll solution “Medifit” with a team of on call specialist Doctors if you don’t want to suffer the pain of starting your own scheme.


  • New members Fitness Requirements

Bottom line, if you’ve been a prior member of a gym, then your new Clubs induction session is a complete turnoff. Members see it as a complete waste of there time and for many they would like to give it a wide berth if only they could. Anything that damages the relationship between Club and new member has got to be a dangerous thing so early in the membership life.

That’s why a pre-Induction survey uncovering what the new member wants to get out of your integration system, their exercise history, and favoured equipment will pay huge benefits for you. It will save hours of staff time, allowing you to focus on the members who need help and stop you wasting the time of uninterested new users.


  • Existing members Fitness Services Survey

Imagine if you could find out what your new members would like to take advantage of before you organised it. Imagine the time saving of only putting together what your customers asked for and being able forensically identify the people who asked for it and give it to them. Who wants Personal Training? Who would like to train as a small group in regular class format? Who wants to take part in a 6-week transformation programme? Who would like to go on a ski holiday with the club? Imagine how much more money that you could make for your club with that sort of up to the minute intel!


  • Members Quarterly satisfaction surveys

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a well-used validator of customer satisfaction. Cutting edge survey software allows operators to combine numerical feedback with more informative open-ended member feedback that will lift the lid on a simple feedback criterion. It will probably alert you to high risk of dropout customers and permit you to provide personalised solutions to their issues. That must help retention in the longer term. Don’t guess; survey: regularly!



  • Ex Member Feedback Surveys

Where did it all go wrong? If only you knew would it help to create a better more relevant Club? The ability to recover lost members id a vital part of successful club marketing and having some insight into why your customer left you is a very useful starting point.

The Essential Guide to Planning an Effective Club Marketing Campaign

The Essential Guide to  Planning an Effective Club Marketing Campaign

This month I would like you to talk to you about planning your lead generation and membership marketing activities. If you are starting with a blank sheet of paper then here are my top tips for achieving a successful marketing outcome and keeping your owners happy.

  1. Don’t lose sight of your objectives!

A well thought out Club marketing plan will include a range of objectives, all of which should be about achieving profit for your business.


  1. Advanced Planning is Vital!

Plan your activity in 12 week (3 month) cycles. January- March, April – June, July – Sept, October – December.

Start the planning process for each quarter 3 months ahead.

So, in October you should be thinking about the January to March period.

In Phase one (Month 1) of each cycle, you should be creating an outline programme of your initial thoughts and ideas for the promotional period. Month 2 is the final decision time of what, when and how. Month 3 is the vital briefing and production phase when the aim is to let everyone know inside your team, about what’s happening, when, and what you expect from them.


  1. Always remember the “4 M” marketing cornerstones when planning your promotional activity.

The first “M” stands for “Market”.

This is your target Audience.

In the world of fitness marketing the main “tribes” you will be targeting will be Prospects (the people you would like to join your club), New members (those within the first 6 weeks of subscription),existing members, your “Best Spending “members (an often neglected but hugely important tribe) , your “Sleeping Membership” ( For goodness sake wake them and nurture them!),customers in a renewal of membership phase and your ex-members database.

The challenge is to run a sophisticated plan that realizes the potential of all of these audiences. Because you are probably going to be running a bigger plan than ever before so you will realize the need to plan further in advance and to take the trouble to brief your colleagues comprehensively so they know what’s happening and are confident in dealing with it.

The 2nd M is “the message”. Your plan will include predominantly include activities to attract new members but will additionally, include ideas and campaigns to upsell existing members to higher ticket versions (ascension), retail more secondary products, increase the lifetime of your members, and facilitate greater member referrals.

How we deliver these “messages” to our identified market is the product of the 3rd M – “Media”.

What techniques, both offline or online are going to be most effective in getting the message home to the market?

When you consider the different tactics and outcomes that you are looking for it is vital that you choose the right media for the right message and ensure that it is the most effective method for the market you are aiming it at.

For example, if you are aiming to recruit senior exercisers to join your club then a Facebook post or ad campaign may not necessarily be the most effective media for you to reach the target. Equally, if you are wanting to deliver a sophisticated sales message to local mums then a video embedded facebook ad campaign may be the most suitable and impacting method. Its horses for courses and its very much a combination of both offline and online. For example, direct mail is back again as one of the most powerful media forms for fitness clubs.

What’s key is that you measure the results of what you do to find the most profitable uses of your marketing dollar!




  1. Never forget that although fitness is a people business it is essentially a numbers game!

You must track accurately the “metrics” (the 4th M) of all your campaigns.  We mean recording the costs of each campaign against the response rates and most importantly the value generated from each customer. Too many successful campaigns are cut off too early because we didn’t realize how well they were working!

Equally, for those that don’t appear to work so well straight away, ensure that you chart the various performance stages to see if with a few minor tweaks, additional staff training, and some process systemization you can’t turn an average campaign into a huge profit generator.


  1. The Theory in Action


Here’s a great example of that point in question.


One of our client clubs recently introduced a £ 49 fitness voucher card promotion to attract customers to their club. The conversion rate was 10% to membership and the average lifetime spend of a Club member is approximately £350. (The average length of stay x average monthly yield)

The club spent £500 on marketing the cards and sold 30 cards recovering £1500 and converting 3 to become members 3 x £350 = £1050)

So a £ 500 outlay generated £2500 and a profit of £2000.

Mindful of all of the numbers, the Club manager decided to invest in a more intense direct sales promotion to boost voucher sales.

A wise decision?

Here’s what happened next…

Instead of a press ad campaign, he hired a sales team to sell the voucher cards to companies and shops and locals door to door.

The new spend per month went up to £3500 as a result (due to the staff wages)-an increase of £3000 on the former tactic!

However, voucher sales went up 400% to 120 and with a change in the membership offer the conversion % went up to 15%.


The new “Metrix” show the following financial performance;

a total spend of £3500.

Revenues from card sales of £5000 and membership take-up of 120 x 15% = 30 x £350 lifetime value.

The promotion generated £15500 for an investment of £3500.

A profit of £12000 compared to the £2000 profit achieved in the ad-driven campaign.

Imagine the additional profit generated if you could sell more cards, further improve the conversion, and add an extra month to the lifetime value. Exponential increases are possible.

So here’s our parting thought this month:

Amazing things happen to your club marketing performance when you understand how to analyze your campaigns and take the trouble to measure accurately the effectiveness of your strategies!

Good luck out there!


Duncan Green is Managing Director of Momentum Business Development.

He is a trusted adviser to fitness clubs globally, and his company provides advanced online sales and marketing services to UK Fitness Club operators.

Are Your Prosspects Not Buying? Read This…

Look at successful people the world over and you’ll notice that, at their core, practically every one of them is pretty good at selling things. It might be they’re good at selling themselves, their ideas, their philosophies, their dreams.

Everyone should spend some time in the trenches selling, especially when young. It could be telemarketing, door-to-door or in a membership sales role in a fitness club. It’s a valuable learning experience that will serve you well throughout your managerial career.

When it comes to the membership sales process, there’s a standard set of objections that every membership advisor is going to hear, no matter what type of club they represent.

The secret to success is to be prepared for these objections. The best way to be ready for them is to script them out in advance, handle them and memorize them. Top membership sales professionals do this all the time.

An objection doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a level of conflict. An objection isn’t the same as saying “no.” The potential member is seeking more information, feeling a little uneasy about making the commitment, and looking for a compelling reason to go ahead and join.

As a membership advisor, it’s important to understand what the customer is really saying when they object and to keep moving forward with the sales presentation. So, when that common objection comes up, you know what the customer is really thinking and more importantly, exactly how to handle the situation. And that’s where scripting in advance comes in. You know what to say and how to say it as you get ready to close.

To find out how to handle these and turn them around come to our next Special training day.

It’s vital so you aren’t watching money walk out of your Fitness Club when prospects say “no” or the more common “I want to go away and think about it….

click below to fix the problem once and for all…

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The 10 Fitness Club Success Commandments…

The 10 Fitness Club Success Commandments

It’s not a comprehensive checklist by any means but it’s a good starting point for you to look at and evaluate how your Club measures up.

If you subscribe to our FREE Fitness Club Community, “Fitness Club Success” then you will get a heap more detail on each of these in the weeks and months ahead.

Here we go with the 10…

  1. Offline strategies CAN work as well, if not better than online stuff. Do not stop doing everything that you used to do (and worked) in favour of the new magical marketing thing. Commit to testing everything you do and don’t stop doing the things that work! Do more not less!
  2. If you’re not using at least TEN different methods of getting customers into your business, you’re probably missing out on a fortune.
  3. Website designers are not Entrepreneurs. They’re website designers. They should not be responsible for your Internet Marketing. The future success will be about effective multi-step “lead generation” promotions rather than “Direct purchase” offers. This is a concept called Lifecycle marketing in action!
  4. You have 8 seconds to make an impact on a new visitor to your website. If you don’t get them interested in the first 8 seconds, they’ll move on to the next site.
  5. Marketing is the greatest tool available for fitness club operators. Becoming great at Marketing will make you successful. Go to our seminars, sign up for our webinars, listen to experts on tapes, read books and keep learning!
  6. Your prices are almost certainly too low. Stop being frightened of Joining fees, copying your competitions ridiculous pricing offers and stop adopting the “people round here haven’t got much money B.S”!
  7. The most important factor in creating leadership success is your mindset and thinking. That’s why a significant proportion of my work is focused on Advanced Thinking for fitness club owners and managers.
  8. Nothing I tell you will ever be theory. All my strategies were developed in ‘the trenches’. If I can save you from some of the hurdles I had to jump over, I will have done a good job
  9. Your number one priority must be to maximise the value of each one of your members. You’ve already paid to get them so every penny you can wrestle from them now is largely profit.
  10. You are undoubtedly not spending enough on sales and marketing.

99% of the time, this is because of a lack of understanding around the concept of “Buying Customers “.

Once you accept this idea and can accurately calculate the Lifetime value of a member, you will know everything you need to maximize your marketing and you can dominate your market.

If you think that there may well be a degree of sense in what you have just read, then act.

Here’s what I want you to do…

  • Register for all the great FREE Stuff that’s available on Fitness Club Gold
  • Join the Linked in Group “Fitness Club Success”
  • Go to our website and download Grant Harrison’s excellent “100 Ways to Drive Membership Sales” ebook- its brill!
  • Watch the Fit Digital video on how we help Clubs like yours digitally with 100% GUARANTEED SUCCESS.25

Why You Shouldn’t Do What Most Clubs Are Doing…

Despite the positive spin of our industry publications, I see dark clouds on the horizon for the UK fitness sector if we are not careful.

Of course, the Fitness Club sector is not in terminal decline, but significant regime change is long overdue.

The last 10 years has seen the creation of a very standardised model when it comes to the operation of fitness clubs.

Seth Godin wrote the wise words;

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure.

In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible”

Do you remember when you first saw a sheep?

Whatever age that was, when you saw sheep in a field, you were excited, weren’t you?

They were a new phenomenon, distinctly unusual, and remarkable.

The 10th time you came across them, …sheep no longer held the same fascination.

They’d become just boring old sheep in a field!

That’s what is happening to the general population when it comes to viewing fitness clubs and the way we promote our service.

It’s a case of same old, same old.

The challenge to fitness operators is to find ways to make your clubs “remarkable”.

Make change happen. Dare to be different.

Don’t be a sheep. Become a tartan sheep!

Become so engaging that customers can’t resist “remarking “about your club.

It’s more effective and much more profitable than slugging out promotional campaigns to a market that’s basically stopped listening.

We’ve just finished a field trial with one of the UKs biggest and most commercially astute leisure operators. They piloted our customer service programme over 3 months to see if it made any commercial sense.

They’ve just agreed to adopt the programme as the trial generated significant financial return on investment as well as showing a reduction in attrition during the period compared to the previous year.

If you want to see what we do and how it works, click below…

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The Sooner Your Know About This The Better…

How about a Summer Holiday Fitness Programme Reactivation Offer?

From New years day till 23rd June 2018 I trained over 100 times at my club!

I was in the best shape for a decade.

I was pumping the biggest weights ever.

I was chiseled like I haven’t been for some considerable number of years.

And then I went on holiday for a couple of weeks

I came back exhausted, with new chins and a protruding gut!

Unfortunately, I still haven’t been back to the gym from the minute I landed till this week.

It’s a break of over 4 weeks and counting!

I’m dodging it because it’s going to hurt me and now as I decline I’m starting to hate myself for not going.

I just wonder why my club couldn’t have organized some sort of Reactivation offer to pre-set an appointment with a trainer for my first week back from holiday BEFORE I set off?

I’m sure that if it was in the diary before I went, I would have turned up, and immediately I’m back in the groove and going again.

Is this just too much to ask of a Fitness Club that understands the problems that many of us face when our attendance patterns are affected by holidays and sickness?

I’m pretty sure that currently there are loads of your members who are suffering the same fate as me.

So why not Be different

Create the Reactivation offer

Charge me or make it Free if I book beforehand. Your choice.

I’ll tell my friends what you do and just maybe that will push them closer to checking you out as the sort of club they would like to join at some point.

If nothing else, your trainers will make hay from it and it may also help stop some inactive members from terminating.

If anyone is doing something similar let me know

Are You Fitness Marketing Savvy? Take the TEST!

Here’s a great way to highlight some instant ways for you to bring in more members and growing  your fitness club.

These are the questions that we ask clients – and our experience has been that if you are willing to spend a few minutes giving them serious thought – the results can be quite profound.

You should be aware that each question you answer ‘no’ to probably means that you are losing out on untapped income and profits.

1 Can you and your team name three things that set you apart from the competition?

2 Do you communicate the benefits of your product or service in all of your promotional literature, videos, websites, letters etc.?

3. Are your marketing messages based on the principles of direct response ads that compel the reader to contact you – or are they mundane like all the competition?

4. When you speak to a potential new member, do you use words that set you apart from the rest and immediately capture the customer’s attention?

5. Have you tested Facebook advertising campaigns to attract specific audiences?

6. Do you send regular email communications and quarterly online newsletters to your customers and prospective customers?

7. How much time each year do your key team members spend learning leading edge sales skills?

8. Do you have an excellent lead generation process in place?

9. Do you obtain and use testimonials from your best customers?

10. Do you have excellent on-going referrals systems in place?

11. Do you offer something of value to your website visitors in exchange for their contact details?

12. Do you know the most important piece of marketing information there is – your clients’ birthdays!

13. Do your team understand that the best way to sell is to ask questions?

14. Do you take amazing care of your current customers?

15. Do you use just one or two ways of marketing to promote your business? Do you know why you should be using between six and ten?

16. Do you realise that your competitors probably answered ‘no’ to even more questions than you did!

Pick just three of the above that are important to you and take some action today to improve those areas. Copy this article and come back to the checklist in the weeks and months ahead. You can use it as a very good way of measuring your progress as you implement the marketing strategies that are going to make a difference.

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