10 Ways To Maximise Your Digital Leadbox Offer

QR codes on flyers, are just one of the ways to maximise your Digital Leadbox Offer

So, now that you’ve got your Digital Leadbox System in place, you’ll need to make sure that you are maximising the offer to its full potential.

Here’s 10 key steps to doing so:

Step 1:

Place your tap and go leadboxes in areas of high traffic. For example, restaurants, hospitals, dentists, doctors’ surgeries, offices, hair salons – basically anywhere where real estate is very valuable.

Step 2:

Paid advertising on Facebook. This is a key way of making people aware of your clubs’ competition, with important information including the competitions closing date.

Step 3:

Outreach events to fayres, shopping centres, promotions, corporate etc.  For example, setting up a stand at a busy shopping centre with large posters advertising your offer is the perfect way to get people dropping by to see what it’s all about, and is also great exposure for your club.

Step 4:

Placing links on your fitness club website and Facebook pages. It’s a no brainer to advertise the competition on the homepage of your own website as well as Facebook.

Step 5:

Link to landing page via email database strings. A series of enticing emails set up and sent to make people aware of your competition with a striking headline.

Step 6:

QR codes on flyers to capture a prospects data and get them to enter the competition.

Step 7:

Links on affiliate websites. For example, if your club affiliates can have an advert within their own webpages showing people the offer at your club, this is another great form of advertising.

Step 8:

Display ads on Google to be shown in your search engine results.

Step 9:

Keyword Google search adverts. So, if for example a person was to type your gym into the Google search bar,  they would be shown instantly ads mentioning the competition and key info.

Step 10:

Text Broadcasting. In the same way that an email string works, sending out an SMS will massively increase coverage.

So, try out these powerful methods of advertising your competition, and good luck!

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