18 Things your Members Must Learn to Survive in your Club


Half the battle in making your club work for new members is getting them to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. That’s largely down to your new member induction process.

It’s where clubs make sure that customers understand how to work everything, know where everything is, understand what’s available to them under their membership scheme and what to do if they need help.

Research shows that peoples preferred method of learning and absorbing information vary significantly from person to person. Clubs may therefore need to rethink their new member induction process and how its delivered to get the best results.

Here’s 18 typically required things that your customers will want to be shown…

  1. How to work the equipment
  2. An understanding of exercise science as it applies to their specific goals
  3. How to programme themselves on the equipment
  4. What commitment is needed from them to hit their objectives
  5. How to train effectively
  6. How to track their progress
  7. What to do when they need help
  8. How to book re-programmes
  9. What to eat to get the results they want
  10. How to book classes and other facilities
  11. Site familiarity (what happens and where everything is)
  12. Online familiarity and integration (white-list your emails, like your Facebook page etc.)
  13. A clear understanding of who does what in the club?
  14. Where to go to buy additional services
  15. How to refer friends
  16. How to invite guests
  17. Knowledge of the specific club promotions they may benefit from
  18. How to meet people just like them


So, take these useful tips and make sure that you’re including them all in your induction process.

Good Luck!



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