23 Essential Monthly Management Reporting Tools


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!

Here are our top KPI’s to keep your club fully optimised:

Membership Sales

No. of New Members per Month

Leads to Sales ratio

Appointments to sales ratio

Leads to appointments (tour) ratio

Fitness Services

Top 100 Longest Serving Members

Ex Members Termination Patterns (Month on Month %)

Top 50 Spending Members

Top 50 Referring Members

Average Group Class Attendance

Non-member attendance at Group Ex

General Indicators

Current live Members (Advance payers + Live Monthly payers)

Average Lifetime Value of your member

Monthly Attrition figures

The cost of acquisition of new customers

Average yield in secondary revenue

Average Joining Fee Revenues Usage ratio (total workouts by members/ total members)

Marketing Indicators

No. of leads per month

Spend per lead

Lead source per campaign


Trend Analysis sheet

Cost of Sale Slide

Attrition Blueprint

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