3 Ways To Use Surveys

Surveys are a useful tool to obtain new leads and make existing members feel like you care about their opinions
  • Advertise why your fitness club is unique

Create an attractive advert in a piece of graphic design software (we recommend Photoshop) with a catchy title like “Want to know why we’re unique” or “Find out why we’re different from our competitors”.

Run this advert on Facebook and Google, targeting it to prospects interested in health and fitness. Place this advert on your website where it will get noticed, such as a banner or full-screen popup. Link the adverts to your landing page that explains how the survey works. This landing page should clearly describe the survey process from start to finish e.g. Once they fill in the survey, you will get back to them with a FREE personally tailored fitness plan.

This method really works as it gives the prospect a more personalised marketing experience and makes them feel like they would be treated as an individual member if they joined your club, not just as a customer.

This method is also great for clubs who have too little revenue to offer incentives as there aren’t any things you have to give away.

  • Run it off the back of a competition

Run a competition campaign such as “Win 5 PT sessions” or “Win a free month of membership” with adverts on Facebook and Google to prospects.

Mention that everyone who enters the competition will get the opportunity to receive a FREE personally tailored fitness plan, even if they don’t win! Watch as the entries flow into your data capture system.

Schedule an email that will send the survey landing page link to all the leads that entered. This method works because even if the prospects who enter the competition do not win, they will still feel like they are getting something and will happily give their details over for it.

This method is also great for clubs who have enough revenue to run competitions (or are already running competitions) but have too little to offer incentives.

  • Offer an incentive to persuade prospects

Create an attractive advert in a piece of graphic design software (we recommend Photoshop) with an incentive like “Take our 90-second personal fitness survey and get a FREE personal consultation” or “Take our quick personal fitness survey and get a FREE one-day pass”.

Run this advert on Facebook, Google and place it on your website as a lead magnet. Make sure the adverts link to your survey landing page that explains what’s in it for them and what incentive they will get out of it.

This method works because prospects are more likely to do something, like taking a survey or giving up their details if there is something worthy for them to gain, such as a personal consultation or guest pass.

This method is also great if you already offer these incentives on your website, as you haven’t got anything to lose. However, it would be more effective if you offered an incentive that you usually wouldn’t offer to the average joe, if you have the budget.

Remember, it costs money to make even more money!

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