A Simple Way To Big Sales That Works For ALL Fitness Clubs

Digital Leadboxes fully branded with QR and NFC codes

Running a Free to Enter Competition using our Digital Leadboxes will transform your Club marketing performance!

With Christmas around the corner and thoughts turning to New Year resolutions, what better way to freshen up your fitness club promotional tactics, and bring in a whole host of new leads, than a Free to Enter Online Competition to WIN A MEMBERSHIP to your Club using the Digital Leadbox System.

It engages prospects, captures contact details automatically and incentivises prospects to visit your club with a unique “gamification” technology.

When you see it in action you will just love how it works!

The real beauty of the Online Competition incentive is that you can use social media to drive traffic as well as an offline promotion using these magic boxes.

Each Digital Leadbox carries your Clubs branding and Competition offer and prospects can see them installed in local shops, and places of interest.

Each A4 Leadbox has a built in QR and NFC code and prospects can easily be connected to the online promotion to enter the competition by tapping or scanning their phones.

If you want to find out more about this amazing lead generation concept, then now is the perfect time to submit your enquiry.

Because as I’m feeling festive, I’ll give you a huge 50% off your system set up fee if you order before 31st December 2019!

And don’t forget, we are so confident that the system will generate you more leads that if it doesn’t, we will even give you your money back!

Click on the link below and book a demo in with me now…


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