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Look at successful people the world over and you’ll notice that, at their core, practically every one of them is pretty good at selling things. It might be they’re good at selling themselves, their ideas, their philosophies, their dreams.

Everyone should spend some time in the trenches selling, especially when young. It could be telemarketing, door-to-door or in a membership sales role in a fitness club. It’s a valuable learning experience that will serve you well throughout your managerial career.

When it comes to the membership sales process, there’s a standard set of objections that every membership advisor is going to hear, no matter what type of club they represent.

The secret to success is to be prepared for these objections. The best way to be ready for them is to script them out in advance, handle them and memorize them. Top membership sales professionals do this all the time.

An objection doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a level of conflict. An objection isn’t the same as saying “no.” The potential member is seeking more information, feeling a little uneasy about making the commitment, and looking for a compelling reason to go ahead and join.

As a membership advisor, it’s important to understand what the customer is really saying when they object and to keep moving forward with the sales presentation. So, when that common objection comes up, you know what the customer is really thinking and more importantly, exactly how to handle the situation. And that’s where scripting in advance comes in. You know what to say and how to say it as you get ready to close.

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It’s vital so you aren’t watching money walk out of your Fitness Club when prospects say “no” or the more common “I want to go away and think about it….

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