Fitness Club Success

Win more, keep more and upsell more members

Happy Customers = Loyal Brand Advocates

It’s far easier (and cheaper) to sell to happy, existing customers than to find new ones. When you gain the loyalty of a current customer, you don’t just reap the rewards of continued purchases from that person; you also get his vocal advocacy as he endorses your brand to his peers and social networks. Every “Like” you get on Facebook … Read More

Where’s The Appliance of Science Gone in Fitness Programming

What’s happened to The Appliance of Science in Fitness Programming?   No one who follows Linked in can have escaped the “MyZone P.R machine in recent months. Clearly, this a is a product which is getting a great deal of traction with Clubs the world over. If you’ve just been released from a long prison sentence or rescued after many … Read More

Why Giving Your Prices Out Too Soon is Really Crazy! (Part 2)

Letting Customers Know Your Prices too Soon is Madness! Part 2 -HOW TO DISARM THE PRICE ENQUIRER There are 2 sorts of people who want to know your price 1)            Prospects interested in finding out more information on your club 2)            Your competitors ringing to see what this month’s offer is! Do you really want to do their leg work … Read More

Why Giving Your Prices Out Too Soon is Just Plain Crazy (Part 1)

Letting Customers Know Your Prices Too Soon is Madness! Part 1 I’m not going to beat about the bush on this one. I’m stunned by how the fitness industry is behaving with regard online joining systems and website marketing generally. We seem to behave like sheep when it comes to this latest fad. I have 2 Non-Negotiable deeply rooted convictions … Read More

How to Maximise Full Value from Your Members! Part 2

How to Maximise Customer Value (Part 2)   Last time we discussed why it is vital in a time when memberships are increasingly hard and more expensive to attract, that you focus on maximising the values from the ones you already have. The logics very simple. Once the original membership sale is achieved then all further revenue is achieved with … Read More

The Nuts and Bolts of Overcoming Objections

Objection Handling For Sales people The most successful membership sales people use a strict well rehearsed system for dealing with objections. Like many things we discuss in high performance sales work chance is taken out utilising well crafted scripts and a choreographed process. Here’s how it rolls . Consider the acronym: P.R.E.K.C. P stands for Pause. The first thing that … Read More

Why all clubs should have a Doctor

Imagine How Many More People Would Join Your Club if you had your own Qualified Doctor to help them… People are 40 times more likely to ask a Doctor for advice on exercise than a Personal Trainer   Everyone knows that when they have reached a level of ill health they would benefit greatly from following an exercise programme. They … Read More

The Power of Online Surveys

The Power of Online Surveys Real time results Customisation ability in the survey Easy to manage manipulation information Survey wrapped inside digital marketing assets   6 key uses…   Prospecting One of the key jobs in membership sales is QUALIFYING your prospects. In the pre-internet days our membership team asked each prospect critical questions to see if our club could … Read More

The Essential Guide to Planning an Effective Club Marketing Campaign

The Essential Guide to  Planning an Effective Club Marketing Campaign This month I would like you to talk to you about planning your lead generation and membership marketing activities. If you are starting with a blank sheet of paper then here are my top tips for achieving a successful marketing outcome and keeping your owners happy. Don’t lose sight of … Read More

Unlock The Secrets of World Class Customer Service. Make your Fitness Club “remarkable”!

On the pages of the new monthly online newsletter “Fitness Club Gold” we will be studying Club member journeys and analysing what’s holding operators back from delivering true business class service. Early research shows two key things stand out. Google Analytics Research showed that most members will NEVER return to a club’s website once they’ve joined up. As a result, … Read More