The 17 Step Fitness Club Membership Conversion Programme

1. Lead generation focussed campaigns designed to acquire prospect email data

2. A Sequence of 4 “Indoctrination” Videos sent out prior to touring the club

3. A “Bring a Friend” Invitation by txt. Email, phone offered prior to tour

4. A Competition entry data capture system at the point of visit.

5. In-club Welcome board and smiling recognition by name at Front desk

6. Trained, scripted and well compensated membership sales people

7. An initial professional consultation interview and choreographed, multi- media presentation of the offers

8. A compelling additional BONUS offer to motivate customers to join there and then

9. A choice of Triple Option starter programmes & memberships– Good,Better,Best options

10. 14-day Money back Guarantee on all Memberships

11. Transferable Membership options on 12 months PLUS memberships

12. A handwritten Thank You card on the day of the visit

13. A sequence of interesting prospect follow up emails containing Member testimonial videos

14. A Complimentary Personal Consultation offer and 1-day Guest pass after 14 days as a prospect

15. A VIP 3-day pass offer after 28 days

16. Access to a Fitness@ Home Scheme after 42 days as a prospect.

17. A multi-offer landing page to re-engage cold prospects accessible from every follow up email



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The Power of Testimonials

Today’s Marketing tip for you is short and sweet: Get more Testimonials.

All of us in the fitness club businesses can make better use of testimonials. Why are they so powerful? Because, no matter how strong your sales and marketing skills, no matter how well you communicate the benefits of your facilities and services, nothing communicates the quality of what you are offering better than the words of other people who have experienced doing business with you.

And as an added bonus – Testimonials are Free!

Here are some tips for maximising your testimonials:

The best testimonials give a detailed and specific description of how the person has benefited from what you have to offer.

“John is a great trainer. I highly recommend him”  – This is not a particularly effective testimonial. The following would be much better because it specifically describes the benefits of hiring John:
“John is a great trainer. He takes all the hassle away from deciding on what i have to do to achieve my fitness goals and he is always available to answer my questions. Just one piece of advice that he gave me a few months ago resulted in me losing 12 pounds in 6 weeks ! Above all I trust him. He started as my trainer but has become a trusted adviser. If you need a superb personal trainer – I strongly recommend calling him today.” 

One of the biggest obstacles to growing your business is convincing people that you can really deliver on your promises. A testimonial does it for you. So when customers tell you they’re pleased with you, don’t be shy. Ask if they would be willing to share their experience with others. Most will actually jump at the chance to write you a testimonial. You know what it’s like to experience a great product or service. It’s so unusual you want to let others know about it.

Include your customer’s name on the testimonial. Don’t use anonymous testimonials because people don’t believe them.

Once you get testimonials – use them! Put them everywhere – on your website, brochures, emails, videos. You can even get your best testimonials printed out on sheets and hand them to customers when they bring up an issue. In fact, testimonials are a great way to handle objections. If a customer tells you they think you’re too expensive, pull out five testimonials from customers explaining why you’re worth every penny. This is very powerful.

If you are starting a new personal training business, plan to make testimonials an integral part of your marketing from the outset. You could even give your first customers a price reduction if they’ll write you a great testimonial.

Another great strategy is to record your customers’ testimonials and put them on your website.

It’s also worth including testimonials in letters you send to customers and prospects.

Please don’t under estimate the power of testimonials. They can increase your conversion rates by 30% or more.

15 Vital Components for a High Converting Fitness Club Membership Sales Programme in a fiercely competitive market

1.      A Sequence of 4 Indoctrination Videos sent out prior to touring the club

2.      A Bring a Friend Invitation offer prior to tour

3.      A Competition entry data capture system at the point of visit.

4.      In-club Welcome board and smiling recognition by name at Front desk

5.      Trained, scripted and well compensated membership sales people

6.      An initial professional consultation interview and choreographed, multi- media presentation of the offers

7.      A compelling additional BONUS offer to motivate customers to joining there and then

8.      A choice of Triple Option starter programmes

9.      14 day Money back Guarantee on all Memberships

10.  Transferable options on 12 month memberships

11.  A handwritten Thank You card on the day of the visit

12.  An immediate ups ell programme for new members

13.  A sequence of  follow up email s containing Member testimonial videos

14.  A VIP 3 day pass offer after 14 days

15.  Access to a Fitness @ Home Scheme after 28 days as a prospect.

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The Unspoken truth about Social Media Marketing

In a poll reported in USA Today 61% of small business customers could not document or prove any direct return on their investments in social media activity yet 51% said they were increasing time and money commitments. – and only 7% said they were cutting back!

Consumers are most likely to share articles, news, and content related to science but only 9% of person to person recipients click on the shared links regarding the topics.

Timely news and political items are less widely shared at 2% but the click rates are 86% and 74% respectively.

Business related content: only a 4% share and a 24% click on shared links

Health: 3% share 15% click

Celebrity and entertainment: 2% share but a 40% click

Consumer reviews of products and businesses: 1% share, 4% click

Personal Finance: 1% share 11% click

It’s thought that the disparity between share and click rates as “ego sharing”. Senders share content they believe boosts their perceived intelligence, informed status, etc regardless of whether they think the recipients will find it interesting or not!

The overall average is 3% sharing of content, 24% of recipients clicking on shared links. (Statistics from 33Acrosscom based on 500 publishers of online content)

What can we take from these findings?

– Firstly the only secure strategy is a multimedia marketing strategy utilising a variety of different media both online and offline and the second is the requirement to have a well thought out multi-channel sales strategy.

– The marketing success triangle has not changed.

– Your MOST COMPELLING message, delivered to the RIGHT audience using the RIGHT media.

– Measurement of effectiveness of your campaigns is the key to success.

– As William Edward Demming once said “In god we trust, all others bring data”

– As we’ve mentioned many times on our blogs, webinars and seminars it’s absolutely vital to measure the success of your pipeline and the ROI of every campaign.

– Test the media used against the results.

– Social media, like direct mail, like press advertising, has a role in a successful Club marketing plan. However to over egg its importance and to short cut traditional activities in favour of this media could well be folly!

A final thought on social media and in fact all the marketing tactics Club operators can use…..

Test small, don’t commit what you can’t afford to lose and live by the old adage, “If it’s not going to get me the results, I am not going to do it!”


Is “Online Joining” hurting your sales process rather than helping it?

One of the key changes that has happened out of the rise of the internet compared with traditional fitness marketing is that it’s become possible now for customers to find out a lot of detail about your club online without leaving there place of “personal security”.

Many Clubs have produced Websites (mistakenly in our view!) packed with facility detail, and  (unhelpfully we think )with their membership prices quoted online alongside the join up online app.

Our research is that this is more often than not counterproductive unless you are very careful. 

Here’s why:

Presenting your membership options is more than enough detail to satisfy UNEDUCATED BROWSERS and the danger is that prospects use this information to build a FALSE or at best NEUTRAL personal impression of your club.

If you are the cheapest Club in town then the challenge is straightforward. QUOTE your prices big and bold and point out how cheap you are compared to the competition. If you want to attract people who are buying largely on price then that’s the best plan.

If you are at the other end of the fee spectrum OR you want to establish clear water between you and clubs in the same price point then your mission is to INDOCTRINATE; to convey an impression of your club to the customer online which will stimulate the email enquiry, the telephone or ideally the appointment to tour.

Here are the questions you need to answer in the INDOCTRINATION phase online:

–  WHO are you aiming at?

– WHAT is your U.S.P (UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION)? Why should these people join you?

– Explain HOW you deliver the U.S.P to the people you are aiming it at!

– Provide PROOF that you deliver it

So, the solution to successful INDOCTRINATION is as follows ( it’s a pretty complex phase so forgive us for simplifying it but hopefully you get the main tenets of it ):

– Test different ideas to get the most Effective data capture of prospects details online. Give away FREE information in exchange for a prospects email address  

– Create Video and audio representation of your club, and the STORY of your how your club works for people like THEM!

–  Link these presentations to your online enquiries via a series of sequential emails. The prospect will unsubscribe if they’re not happy and you can use email technology which shows who is looking at which emails.

–  Use a sales system (preferably online) that allows easy follow up and prospect management.

– Promote Testimonials from your satisfied customers that the claims you make stand up to scrutiny.

– Advertise results! Weight loss by our new members last week/month. Calories burnt this month.

– Titles matter! Give your staff job titles that establish EXPERTISE. Replace “fitness Instructor “with a specialism like “Muscle Conditioning Specialist “, Gym staff with “Fitness Guru”. Receptionist with “Customer Service Coordinator”.

– Utilise the facilities on Google PLUS to establish AUTHORITY by member Club reviews.

–  Utilise YELP! with positive Club reviews

– Be seen in your Community as The Go to “EXPERTS” in fitness

– Write articles for local websites, magazines and blogs.

– Present regular webinars on health and fitness issues

– Create an “At Home Fitness Service” (programme service, nutrition advice, home equipment consultancy) for people who are not ready /interested to join you YET! 

– Focus on ONLY ONE COURSE of ACTION at the conclusion of the phase – GET PROSPECTS TO VISIT YOU FOR A TOUR!!

Once they tour, the sole objective for your sales process is to make a decision. It’s as important that the Close delivers a YES or a NO to joining. At least the decision has been made. If you offer the “get out” of the “Think about it” objection because the opportunity to utilise online joining exists then that can only harm the sales person’s opportunity to close the sale.

So, in conclusion, Online Joining is a very useful tool to the sign up administration process in club.

It’s very good if you have price point advantage over your competition.

The big “but” here is this.

If you’re not the cheapest player in town and if prospects don’t join you immediately from the tour, then and only then, is this the sensible time to SEND them (along with your follow up messages) to the previously hidden link which is your Clubs ONLINE JOINING PAGE.

What do you think?

 What experience have you found of the impact of Online Joining facilities on your sales process?

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The Membership Sales Accelerator Process – Part 2 – The Commitment Phase


So to summarise, the indoctrination phase has been successful and an appointment has been made. The customer has bought your pre–eminence in the market, understands the sophistication of your offering and has a feeling for your price point range.

The purpose of this phase is to ensure that the prospect SHOWS for the appointment and ideally brings a friend with them.

Here are some actions points that we would suggest you focus on:

  1.  That each prospect is appointed to a 20 minute window using an alternative close method“I have an opening at either 10.20 or 10.40.Which would work for you?”Precise appointment setting ensures punctuality and greater show rates.
  2.  Your sales team to pre-confirm each appointment – show rates increase 20% with a confirmation call on the day of; (for afternoon and evening appointments) or the night before for morning meetings.
  3. The prospect has been asked whether “to make you feel a bit more comfortable when you visit, would you like to bring a friend? “
    (“Supersizing” your appointment referral will give you leads increases of around 10% just by saying these magic words! Ensure the membership team use them EVERY time!)
  4.  The customer knows exactly where to report to and who to ask for. Ideally this would have been confirmed in an email at least, before the visit.( the email is also used to reinforce the appointment referral)
  5. Reception are suitably prepared and briefed for the visit (with some sort of diary system) importantly they know the name of the visitor, the time and reason for the visit and the sales staff handling the visit. Ideally you would operate a “A V.I.P Welcome to ..Board “with the prospects name and greeting visible when they arrive at the club. First impressions make a massive difference!
  6. Ensure there is a waiting area where the customer can be seated. If there is a delay in the arrival of the sales person, ideally the Club should provide a range of information for the prospect to look at, particularly stories of and testimonials of happy members .Details of events that show the club to be more than just a workout gym are good too as well as items that show off the expertise of the staff.

  7. If possible the waiting area should have facilities for presentations (PowerPoint or video), wall charts of club achievements.

You will notice that we are NOT advocating the customer filling in “customer enquiry cards “at any stage. Our view is that this process is counterproductive. Our new mantra is “If John Lewis don’t do it when we visit there stores – we need to think again about why we do it” In the next two days, we will be sending you the third part in the series “The Ascension Phase “