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A Simple Way To Big Sales That Works For ALL Fitness Clubs

Running a Free to Enter Competition using our Digital Leadboxes will transform your Club marketing performance! With Christmas around the corner and thoughts turning to New Year resolutions, what better way to freshen up your fitness club promotional tactics, and bring in a whole host of new leads, than a Free to Enter Online Competition to WIN A MEMBERSHIP to … Read More

Here’s Why Online Surveys Are So Effective

Advertising online isn’t just about gathering leads and prospect data, it’s an opportunity to find out more about your target audience. And the more you know about them, the better chance you have of offering them what they want. Therefore, advertising online surveys is such a useful thing to do for your fitness club and if you aren’t already doing … Read More

Learn How To Run A Personal Training Fortnight Campaign With Xperio

So, last week I talked about Member and Guest Days with Xperio, and now we come to the concluding part, a Personal Training Fortnight Campaign. It’s crucial to remember that member retention is just as important as attracting new members to your club. Keeping them engaged and offering something new and different than just basic facilities will keep them invested … Read More

Discover Why You Should Run A Member And Guest Open Day With Xperio

In my last blog, I talked about the Wear The Shirt Campaign, and how it can be a fantastic method of motivating your members. Now I want to talk about Member and Guest Open Days. When it comes to trying to attract new customers to join your gym, there’s not many better strategies than running regular Member and Guest Days at your club.  … Read More

Motivate Your Members With Xperio’s Wear The Shirt Campaign

In my last blog we awarded Louise Day, Champneys and her team for their outstanding work at getting over 1500 new leads with the Xperio member Experience programme. I now want to talk to you about a targeted campaign within Xperio, known as the “Wear The Shirt Campaign.” And here’s where it started… When Wellington Health & Fitness Club Commercial … Read More

Congratulations Louise Day, Champneys And How Xperio Can Transform Your Club

Hey fantastic fitness club operators, It’s time for our Xperio quarterly awards! And the winner is…Louise Day, (Wellbeing and Fitness Director, Champneys Resort Group.) Louise has reached over 1500 members joining the Xperio programme. Congratulations Louise! Xperio, the number 1-member experience programme is ready and waiting to work the magic in your club, making you more profitable.  This organised, incredible … Read More

7 Ways To Avoid Pricing Drama!

When you have successfully undertaken a sensitive and in-depth Personal Needs Analysis Survey, and presented a compelling reason why your option is the most suitable for your prospect, avoiding “sticker shock” (the negative reaction to a surprising price quote), it is essential to close the sale. Here are 7 ways to overcome the likelihood of “sticker shock” occurring. 1. Anchor … Read More

Join Our Free Pre Xmas Webinar Tomorrow at 3pm

Has your Club Marketing downed tools, waiting for the New Year rush? If you have, you’re missing a big trick! November and December are not a time to go quiet with your Club Marketing! In fact, I would go as far as to say the next 10 weeks in the run up to Xmas is a period that you really … Read More

Creating Tripwire Offers: Part 2

In my last blog we looked at some key suggestions for tripwire offers to deploy in your club. Let’s now look at 4 more. 5. Voucher Cards An alternative to trial offers with restrictions is to produce a bespoke Club Voucher card with 8 – 10 individual voucher offers on it and to discount the overall combined cost of the … Read More

Creating Tripwire Offers: Part 1

How do we make the jump from interested bystanders to committed members? The solution for fitness club operators is to use tripwire products. These tripwire products are designed to ascend prospects from a cold lead into short term, low commitment transactions before up selling the prospects into a more permanent subscription relationship. The other main requirement of tripwire offers is … Read More