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Win more, keep more and upsell more members

The Top 10 Tips for Fitness Club Tours ……

Traditionally, this has been a phase in which the client is walked around the club to be wowed by the quality and breadth of the facilities matching his or her requirements and a tick box exercise to ensure that the client understands what’s on offer. This is the FEATURE tour, and this is changing in the light of the rise … Read More

The Power of a Nudge to get People using your Club

When you doubt the value of a CRM system look at the evidence. Whether it provides your exercise team with an organised way to email their clients or to provide you with an organised way to schedule motivational calls to your members, remember this US walking study. Unable to push herself to exercise, Ruthanne Lowe joined a research study aimed … Read More

The Essential Guide to Planning an Effective Club Marketing Campaign

The Essential Guide to Planning an Effective Club Marketing Campaign This month I would like you to talk to you about planning your lead generation and membership marketing activities. If you are starting with a blank sheet of paper then here are my top tips for achieving a successful marketing outcome and keeping your owners happy. Don’t lose sight of … Read More

The 9 Ways to Fail with Your Fitness Club Pricing Strategy

The 9 Ways to Fail with Your Fitness Club Pricing Strategy Far and away the biggest error that I see working with struggling operators is that quite simply they don’t charge enough! They desperately yearn to run great clubs but can’t afford the staff to deliver it because of a lack of profits. The lack of cash affects the power … Read More

How to Maximise Full Value from Your Members! Part 1

How to Maximise Customer Value (Part 1)    The No.1 Mission for all fitness clubs must be to “maximise customer value”.   The logics very simple.   Once the original membership sale is achieved then all further revenue is achieved with virtually nil cost of sale.   In the future, we can expect that the likely cost of acquiring customers … Read More

Integrating Your New Members Needs Careful Thought!

Making Your New Members happy- Take them back to” Fitness School”!   Half the battle in making your Club work for new members is getting them feeling comfortable in their new surroundings. That’s largely down to your new member “Induction process”. It’s where Clubs make sure that customers understand how to work everything, know where everything is, understand what’s due … Read More

Are Your Prosspects Not Buying? Read This…

Look at successful people the world over and you’ll notice that, at their core, practically every one of them is pretty good at selling things. It might be they’re good at selling themselves, their ideas, their philosophies, their dreams. Everyone should spend some time in the trenches selling, especially when young. It could be telemarketing, door-to-door or in a membership … Read More

The 10 Fitness Club Success Commandments…

The 10 Fitness Club Success Commandments It’s not a comprehensive checklist by any means but it’s a good starting point for you to look at and evaluate how your Club measures up. If you subscribe to our FREE Fitness Club Community, “Fitness Club Success” then you will get a heap more detail on each of these in the weeks and … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Do What Most Clubs Are Doing…

Despite the positive spin of our industry publications, I see dark clouds on the horizon for the UK fitness sector if we are not careful. Of course, the Fitness Club sector is not in terminal decline, but significant regime change is long overdue. The last 10 years has seen the creation of a very standardised model when it comes to … Read More

The Sooner Your Know About This The Better…

How about a Summer Holiday Fitness Programme Reactivation Offer? From New years day till 23rd June 2018 I trained over 100 times at my club! I was in the best shape for a decade. I was pumping the biggest weights ever. I was chiseled like I haven’t been for some considerable number of years. And then I went on holiday … Read More