Before and After Photos – Missing Them Out is Missing a Trick!


Measurement and visible improvement are key to motivating new members.

Programme cards, personal progress packs, composition analysis and fitness assessments are all important tools for creating a baseline and should all be built into your onboarding programme for new members.

Without doubt the MOST POWERFUL MOTIVATOR, however, is the before and after photo.

Here’s our take on how to do it:

5 Tips for the Perfect “Before” Photo

  1. Guys should take pictures wearing shorts or a swimsuit without a shirt, while women should wear a bikini or fitted gym shorts and a sports bra. It’s important to see the stomach.
  2. If members don’t want the club to take the shots, get a friend to help them take the photos or use a tripod or the auto-timer on their own camera. A friend will be most helpful to get the body centred in the frame, especially for photos taken from the back.
  3. Stand members in front of a blank, plain-coloured wall, with as little distraction or clutter behind.
  4. Take multiple photos. Take at least one from the front, back and side. If they want to, they can even flex or pose for one or two additional photos.
  5. Remember to take photos regularly in those same positions (and even same clothing): on day one, day 15, day 30, day 60, and so on. That way it’s easier to see exactly how the body has changed.

So, there are some quick tips you might find useful.

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