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The Ascension Phase Continued Step 5: The Closing Phase

So here we are in the 5th phase – the chance to close the sales by simply asking the customer to join. Simple eh? Well you would think so, but for many in sales roles this is the biggest hurdle to overcome. So, what’s happening? Well biologically, we are genetically wired to run away from anything that might cause us … Read More

The Ascension Phase Continued Step 4: The Price Presentation Phase

We’ve arrived at the 4th stage of the 7 – The Price Presentation Phase. We talked about the importance of the greeting phase and the vital job of qualifying the prospects so that we both know we have a club that is ideally placed to serve their needs. We’ve toured the prospect and confirmed that the facilities and services that … Read More

The Ascension Phase Continued Step 3: The Fitness Club Tour

Traditionally, this has been a phase in which the client is walked around the club to be wowed by the quality and breadth of the facilities matching his or her requirements and a tick box exercise to ensure that the client understands what’s on offer. This is the FEATURE tour, and this is changing in the light of the rise … Read More

The Ascension Phase Continued Step 2: The Qualification Phase

So here we are. The prospect has arrived, we’ve greeted them and made them comfortable in the sales area. It’s time to qualify them. There is every chance that whatever the quality of the car they arrived in, or the level of personal business success they have achieved, they will be feeling a degree of intimidation when visiting the club.  … Read More

Planning An Effective Membership Sales System Phase 3: The Ascension Phase

So now we have the prospect committed to an appointment with us and they have been indoctrinated by our videos and the carefully crafted multimedia content we have regularly sent the prospect from the start of the relationship. We have built authority by establishing ourselves alongside credible bodies in the local community and built the social proof of our set … Read More

Planning an Effective Membership Sales System Phase 2: The Commitment Phase

In last week’s blog, we discussed the importance of the Indoctrination Phase. Consider this has been successful, and an appointment has been made. The customer has accepted your pre – eminence in the market, understands the sophistication of your offering and has a feeling for your price point range. The next phase is what we call the Commitment Phase. The … Read More

Planning an Effective Membership Sales System Phase 1: The Indoctrination Phase

One of the key changes that have happened out of the rise of the Internet compared with traditional fitness marketing is that it’s now become possible for customers to find out detailed information about your club online within the comfort of their own homes. Many Clubs have produced websites (mistakenly in our view!) packed with facility details, and (unhelpfully we … Read More

Discover How Using Lead Magnets Can Attract Your Ideal Customer

One of the biggest differences between fitness owners who are thriving and fitness owners who are barely surviving is the ability to attract new customers. Not having a system in place to consistently generate new leads makes for a stressful situation and often leads to otherwise well-run fitness clubs closing their doors. What is a Lead Magnet? A lead generation … Read More

How Effective is Your Fitness Club Marketing?

Here’s a great way to highlight some instant ways for you to bring in more members and grow your fitness club. These are the questions that we ask clients – and our experience has been that if you are willing to spend a few minutes giving them serious thought – the results can be quite profound. You should be aware … Read More

The Answer to Making your Fitness Club Remarkable is here with Xperio

Despite the positive spin of our industry publications, I see dark clouds on the horizon for the UK fitness sector if we are not careful. Of course, the Fitness Club sector is not in terminal decline, but significant regime change is long overdue. The last 10 years has seen the creation of a very standardised model when it comes to … Read More