Congratulations Louise Day, Champneys And How Xperio Can Transform Your Club

Well done Louise Day, our Xperio quarterly awards WINNER!!!

Hey fantastic fitness club operators,

It’s time for our Xperio quarterly awards!

And the winner is…Louise Day, (Wellbeing and Fitness Director, Champneys Resort Group.) Louise has reached over 1500 members joining the Xperio programme. Congratulations Louise!

Xperio, the number 1-member experience programme is ready and waiting to work the magic in your club, making you more profitable.  This organised, incredible and game changing sequence of events will make your club stand out from the crowd and is going to make your club more remarkable.

So, what’s the fuss about? And how can you be just as happy with our Xperio programme as Louise Day and her members have been?

What is Xperio?

Xperio is a sequenced quarterly programme of member engagement campaigns designed to re-invigorate inactive members and encourage existing members to buy more services, upgrade to higher membership plans and refer their friends more often.

Within the 12-week sequence we’ll help you promote 5 “back to back” targeted campaigns and 3 monthly events. These can include:

  • Personal Training week: promote your 1-on-1 services with a special offer week promotion.
  • Wear-the-Shirt Fortnight: motivate your members with a simple 6-week workout challenge.
  • Try it! Fortnight: introduce your members and re-engage inactive users to more and different fitness-based services. You can ask special rates for this fortnight.
  • Monthly member & guest open days: a great source of new members and something you MUST do every month.
  • Tribe: Small Group Gym Enrolment Fortnight: get your members involved in the next big thing for fitness clubs. Book your members into small group gym workouts for the next 12-week term.
  • This Girl Can Fortnight: 2 special weeks of fitness promotions and services designed specially for your female members and friends.

With a supported programme of social media promotions and automated emails and SMS, we’ll soon grab your members attention.

Don’t panic about being too busy to even think about all this cool stuff, we’ll do all the leg work and set up the campaigns for you.

We’ll provide things such as, artwork for posters and banners to promote each campaign in your club, a branded quarterly what’s on guide, a full fitness services website, an easy to use data capture system and loads more!

Okay, but how do I know if it’s any good?

You probably wouldn’t book a spa day without reading reviews to find out if it’s any good would you? So, why would you invest in Xperio without knowing if it’s any good?

Well, Louise and the awesome team at Champneys have proven it to be a massive success. Champneys are now well on their way to the golden award of 2000 leads or more. Clearly this is working!

And if that’s not enough, here’s just a few snippets of testimonials from our current fitness operator clients who have made the best decision in their fitness careers and chosen to take on the almighty Xperio.

Click on the link below to read more and see why our clients are so happy they made the right choice for their club and its members.

So, book in a short online demo now and find out how Xperio can add 100K to your club revenues, because if you do this by the 31st December, as a little gift from Santa I’ll throw in some special festive bonuses for you.

Click on the link and register now if you want to know what these are and be part of something spectacular to finish off 2019 with a bang! 

This programme is 100% guaranteed to make you more money, or you simply don’t pay. We can’t say fairer than that can we?

So, book in your demo now, because the next blog I write could be about your club!

Good Luck!

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