Creating Special Offers For Specific Audiences: Mum’s Mornings


The beauty of advertising special offers on Facebook adverts is that we can target very specific audiences. For your club, this is a golden opportunity to attract new members from demographics you haven’t reached before.

So, advertising for mums is a campaign you should think about offering. Think of your club’s quiet times during a regular week. Those off-peak hours can be quiet, but this can be something you can turn into an opportunity.

Housewives and stay at home mums can be targeted for a Special Offer just for them. Why not think about running a Special Mums Membership Offer? But the catch is they must visit between, for example, 10am and 2pm on Monday to Friday.

You could run a 1 Month Membership Offer at a Special Price and then upsell them to a full membership after or whilst they complete their trial offer.

Another reason why mums are a good option to target is that going to the gym can be a good social occasion for many people, so offering them the chance to train, have a coffee and chat afterwards together can be very appealing to them.

For this kind of offer, we would recommend having a designated member of your fitness team being the ‘face’ of the mums programme, so a Co-Ordinator who will contact any interested customers, arrange for them to visit, show them around the facilities and act as a main point of contact for all mums members.

The times of competing against other gyms for cheap memberships are dying. Targeting specific audiences sets you apart from everyone else and shows you truly care about your customers and not just their money.

Give it a go!

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