Discover Why You Should Run A Member And Guest Open Day With Xperio

Member and Guest Open Days are also a great way to join people together

In my last blog, I talked about the Wear The Shirt Campaign, and how it can be a fantastic method of motivating your members.

Now I want to talk about Member and Guest Open Days.

When it comes to trying to attract new customers to join your gym, there’s not many better strategies than running regular Member and Guest Days at your club. 

Despite the promise of free access to your facilities, a campaign like this has various benefits which you shouldn’t ignore. 

  • Gets the prospect into your club 
  • Gives them a taste of what they could get 
  • Makes it easier to upsell them into membership 
  • It’s a chance to run special offers specifically for the day 

So first off, you want to promote your Member and Guest Day through various social channels. 

  • Facebook adverts 
  • Google adverts 
  • Emails and SMS to members 
  • Posting on your Facebook page 

All these strategies together give you the best chance of the best possible reach to your prospects. 

Promoting To Non-Members 

Creating a landing page which encourages prospects to book their place before the event is also a great way to capture their information, even if they’re not able to attend the event for whatever reason. 

Which makes any follow up offers you’d like to target them with an easy task. 

We then want to create engaging advert content to get them to the page to sign up. 

Promoting To Members 

As mentioned, this can be done through email and text messages to your Member Database. 

With GDPR rules in place, we recommend encouraging the member to share the sign-up page with their friends and family (so they’re not entering someone else’s personal information.) 

We also want to post the event on your Facebook page, which has the added possibility of reaching members who may not be on the database or have opted out. 

Running Offers On The Day 

So, the prospect has signed up and is at the event, what do you do now?… 

Well if they’re interested in joining, this is a perfect chance to offer them extra bonuses to increase your chances of a membership. 

Having a Good, Better, Best Membership plan is a great way to offer the prospect the type of membership that best suits their current needs.  

It also can give them a preview of things they may look to upgrade to if they choose the cheaper option. 

As well as different membership options, why not offer a Special Joining Offer too? 

Give them the option of earning a FREE Personal Training pack when they sign up. 

Little touches like this just make the prospect feel more wanted and should help make their initiation phase more comfortable for them. 

Hopefully you can see the benefits of running Member and Guest Days at your club.  

Members can be acquired in different ways; you just need to know how it’s best to nurture them along. 

In the final part of this Xperio blog series I’ll be talking about Personal Training Fortnight with Xperio.

Catch up with it on Thursday!

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