Facebook for Fitness – A marketing revolution is underway


Are you suffering a tough summer for membership sales?

Did “everyone” in your area go away on holiday this year?

Was “everyone” just too busy watching the World Cup on the TV to join up?

Did you tell your team that “no-one joins up when it is too hot/too wet/too windy?” (Delete as appropriate.)

Did your competition offer a crazy joining offer you just couldn’t match?

The fact is, that very soon, you are going to have to stop looking for excuses.

Soon you are going to have to look for a better solution than just plain price discounting.

You will need to come up with a new plan before your Club marketing hits the buffers.

Very soon you are going to have to face some cold, hard facts when it comes to modern fitness marketing.

The Big One, is a realisation that if you’re not the cheapest fitness club in town, it’s no good marketing as if you are.

If you’re not the lowest priced club in town, you better understand completely the compelling reasons, why should people join you

You need to do something very different,

You need to adopt a new approach to your club marketing. You need to do it very soon.

It means having a new mindset to your sales approach,

It means a serious rethink and analysis of what your potential customers are REALLY looking for

It means taking a focussed view about how you look after your members when they join

It means some soul searching on your part on your price offers and how you present them.

Fundamentally it’s going to be about the introduction of some essential cutting-edge sales and marketing tactics.

In a nutshell, it’s as much to do with service as it is with presenting your lowest price membership option.

If your diary seems so busy now, to carry out this sort of a review, then we can help.

If you feel so overwhelmed now with the day to day issues of running your club then we have the answer…

If you’re not an expert in this stuff and you’d be a whole lot happier if someone gave you the turn key solution to your problems, then…. clear your diary for an hour next week.

We will be revealing the solution then!

In just 60 MINUTES next Wednesday at 3pm GMT we will be lifting the lid for you on what you should be doing to dominate in your crowded market using Facebook.

We will be revealing, in easy to follow steps, the key changes you MUST make to competing with your lower cost competition.

What we can tell you right now is that the digital marketing world is undergoing significant change.

We all need to be doing different stuff now than we were 12 months ago to succeed.

The goalposts have moved.

Be there next week and we will show you our latest findings and how you can keep up.





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