How to Maximise Full Value from Your Members! Part 2


How to Maximise Customer Value (Part 2)


Last time we discussed why it is vital in a time when memberships are increasingly hard and more expensive to attract, that you focus on maximising the values from the ones you already have.

The logics very simple.

Once the original membership sale is achieved then all further revenue is achieved with virtually nil additional cost of sale.

Here’s a starter list of things you could sell or add into added value memberships.

  1. VIP 6 week & 12-week starter programmes
  2. Personal Training
  3. Personal Coaching Programmes
  4. Personal Progress Measurement Packs
  5. 4 & 6 Week Specialist Programmes
  6. Re-programme sessions
  7. Dietary Analysis Sessions
  8. Fitness Assessments
  9. Individual Group Gym Clinics “how to train with …”
  10. Bundles of Guest Passes
  11. DNA testing
  12. Blood Analysis
  13. Electrolytes
  14. Small Group Gym classes
  15. Seminars
  16. Webinars
  17. Training Groups ( triathlon, Running , Cycling , walking)
  18. Supplementation
  19. Ready to Go Nutrition Meals
  20. Training Products
  21. Home Exercise Equipment Consultancy
  22. Active Holidays
  23. Leisure Groups (golf societies, cooking clubs, book clubs)
  24. At Home Exercise Education


Create Opportunities where you and the customer can meet to buy things ! Use both Online and Offline opportunities)


Sales Vehicles that you can use to maximise the opportunity of the product development above.


  1. Point of Sale when joining up
  2. Online New Member Emails
  3. New Member Follow up Phone Calls
  4. Social Media
  5. Website Offers
  6. Lead Magnet Opt-ins Online
  7. Initial First Visit to the gym
  8. Follow up gym sessions
  9. In-Gym Rituals (10 minute hourly sessions at regular times)
  10. New Member Newsletters offline and online
  11. Ongoing email and txt campaigns
  12. Website offers
  13. Fortnightly Campaign Landing pages
  14. Social media posts
  15. Facebook advertising
  16. Roll Call Webinars
  17. New Member Welcome Nights
  18. New Member Online Education Programme
  19. In Club Tannoy Announcements
  20. Club Hand-outs
  21. Monthly Member and Guest days
  22. Quarterly Member Newsletters
  23. Quarterly voucher offers
  24. Direct Mailed Fitness Gift Voucher Offers
  25. Birthday Offers
  26. Christmas Offers
  27. Easter Offers
  28. Valentine Offers
  29. Charity Donations
  30. Quarterly Reactivation Fortnights
  31. Monthly Meet the Manager Nights






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