Motivate Your Members With Xperio’s Wear The Shirt Campaign

Try out the success of the Wear The Shirt Campaign in your club today

In my last blog we awarded Louise Day, Champneys and her team for their outstanding work at getting over 1500 new leads with the Xperio member Experience programme.

I now want to talk to you about a targeted campaign within Xperio, known as the “Wear The Shirt Campaign.”

And here’s where it started…

When Wellington Health & Fitness Club Commercial Services manager, Ian Davis sat down to devise this promotion, there was a set of objectives he was looking to achieve.

He was looking to devise, first and foremost a club recognition scheme for his members that would give them a series of ongoing training targets to aim for and incentivise and increase visits, to improve the already excellent retention rates at his club.

In addition, he wanted something that could be launched to help new members that were starting out who needed a little bit more support and instruction with a formalised programming system. (A way for new starters to have their training sessions tracked and exercise gains measured in the critical first 42 days of membership.)

A by-product of the more controlled visible programming system was that it was hoped to easily identify those who had achieved the most significant improvements with a view to advertising their results online to further establish Wellington Fitness Club’s growing “authority” in the community and provide valuable “social proof” of the club efficacy.

He also wanted to create a reason to connect with his members and find out whether any of them would benefit from this style of reprogramming session. He was also keen to “wake up sleeping members with a positive intervention.”

The promotion would help to re-engage customers who had either recently stopped visiting or had lost the motivation to train.

Finally, he was keen for his fitness staff to utilise a readymade promotion to reconnect with the existing members, establish enhanced levels of expertise (using the programming component of the promotion) and build more relationships with members they hadn’t previously encountered with.

Ian based the promotion methodology on the proven theories, notably the S.M.A.R.T motivation theory. The S.M.A.R.T theory says that members are motivated by a principle, best described by description using the S.M.A.R.T acronym.

S – Members must have a SPECIFIC goal.

M – The goal must be MEASURABLE

A – The goal must be ACHIEVABLE

R – The goal must be REALISTIC

T – The goal must be TIME-BANDED

The final consideration was the “prize for completion.” In addition to the underpinning SMART theory, well documented research into recognition and customer association schemes were considered and the “Wear The Shirt Campaign” was finalised.

The prize was to be a club T shirt, that was to be UNIQUE to the programme. The shirt couldn’t be bought if members hadn’t achieved the goal and they looked significantly different to any other “for sale” garment that the club retailed. It was the uniform of the “Wear The Shirt Graduates” and Wellington hoped that the shirts would be worn in the club as a personal badge of honour as well as, providing free promotional coverage for the club within the local community.

A Special Programme Card was devised for use by participants of the campaign. It covered 14 exercise sessions with the aim to achieve completion within 42 days of starting the promotion.

The club felt that exercising 2- 3 times per week would generate the scale of physiological benefits needed to encourage members. The targeted number of visits in the 6-week time banded programme was therefore 12- 18 sessions. 14 was considered OK and was used as the target number because the level deemed to be a reasonable volume for most members to achieve regardless of individual lifestyle. Members completed the details of their workouts on each visit, logging the intensity and results.

So, now you can see, the Wear The Shirt Campaign is the perfect way to make your members feel more motivated and part of a club they love as well as promote your club for you!

This promotion has been so successful. Why not give it a go in your club, as part of the Xperio programme today?

Make sure you catch my next blog next Monday, where I’ll be talking about another Xperio success event, member and guest open days. The perfect way to make your members and guests feel like V.I.P’s.

Catch you then!

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