Networking With Your Members

Make sure your staff are showing a real interest in your members and their needs

How To Get Your Fitness Team Talking More To Your Members:

It’s not a question of attitude, its more usually a lack of process.

One of your key jobs as fitness club operators is to help your staff team overcome the problem of cold calling when it comes to meeting members in your gym.

Members need to feel that the staff are looking out for their needs and aren’t just ignoring them because they have their money or are too busy. 

Here are 3 key ways that your staff can really get to know their clubs members:

1. Give your staff things to talk about… Create customer collisions

  • Programme card updates & Programme adjustments
  • 30 day or 42-day reviews, Renewal Sessions
  • Re-programmes. Structure the card to engage
  • Create optional mentoring schemes for your members
  • Usage Awards – Collecting 14,50,100 workouts
  • Abs on the hour – Ritualistic, Set your watch by it
  • Fun Challenges – Spin the wheel, Roll the dice, Gym Bingo
  • Shot Sessions – Support with details
  • Pt Fortnight – Campaign launches with start date and end date
  • Clinics – Learn to sessions in a group
  • Members & Friends Day – Month open day. Same day each month
  • Tribe – Swimming lessons for gym-goers. Pre-booked Group training

2. Remember names, use cards and badges

Look for opportunities to provide service and follow up by phone, email and text.

3. Don’t sell, Network

The Network Conversation Model: The Ice Breakers

  • How long have you been a member here?
  • Why did you decide to become a member here?
  • What excites you most about the club?
  • What motivates you most to exercise?
  • What advice would you give to someone starting a membership?

All the above are key ways in which you can get your staff to network with the most valuable people to your club, its customers!

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