New Member Onboarding: Part 1: Learning Styles

Information on the pool is something you’ll need to educate your members in

When I recently attended the London Museum for an exhibition celebrating the 350-year anniversary since the Great Fire of London, I learnt something that’s very useful, and I think that all fitness club operators should think about when designing their new member’s introduction programmes.

Popular Museums understand that people learn in a variety of ways and if you are going to genuinely educate diverse ranges of people (applies to fitness clubs, too right?) then you need to present the information you’re trying to get across in formats that your customers like best.

There are 3 learning styles here:

1 – Visually

2 – Audibly

3 – Kinaesthetically

Dress up in the clothes of the time, visual moving footage, touch artefacts from the era, story boards and video footage, quizzes, audio logs and the like.

So, when you want to educate your new members in:

• How to work the equipment

• How to train properly

• The science of exercise

• How to measure personal exercise improvement

• How to eat the right things

• How to find everything in the club

• Where to go if members need support

• How to book classes

• How to use the pool

• Where to find site information

• How and when to bring friends to the club

• Where to meet other people like them at the club

• Who are the members main points of contact at the club

• What happens if they need more motivation

• Where can they buy more services

Then perhaps we need to ensure that we provide this essential detail in the 3 ways that people learn in:

• Video instruction

• Webinars

• Handouts

• Seminars

• Trials

• Clinics

• Personal coaching sessions

• Audio

• Mentoring service

• Repeated sessions

• Online surveys

• Telephone support calls

Take a time out and reengineer your new members first 42 days with you.

Consider exactly what you’d like them to have done and be capable of at the end of the process.

Work out how you can get them from a- b, mindful of their learning style.

Consider a consistent process for you to check that your integration programme is affective.

Follow up phone calls are the most effective medium of all. It’s probably one of the top 3 processes that you need to have mastered if you are to be truly successful.

Knowledge is power and the good guys all do it.

In part 2 I’ll be talking about personal programme cards, a key tool for your new members to record their progress.

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