Online Joining – Its Admin NOT Marketing!


If you think that simply putting Online Joining on your website is going to change anything regarding getting new members … well, really, what planet are you on?

Please …just stop right there and think for a minute!

What are you are saying about the buying habits of your prospective customers?

“If only I didn’t have to visit your fitness club I would definitely join you?”

You’re saying that prospects know everything they need to know about you and feel utterly compelled to join you without even visiting, despite you being in a crowded market of very cheap clubs?

There are only 2 ways that you can believe this.

1)            Your Club is already well known as the cheapest player in town.

2)            You have gone insane and need to see a Doctor now!

Seriously If you want to help your Club be better than here’s what you need to do.

If you give up just 60 minutes next Wednesday at 3pm we will give you a host of ideas to make your sales soar in the last quarter of the year.

Register here if you get the logic of what I’ve just said.

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If you didn’t, let the struggle continue my friend ….

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