Online Joining – Its Admin NOT Marketing!

If you think that simply putting Online Joining on your website is going to change anything regarding getting new members … well, really, what planet are you on?

Please …just stop right there and think for a minute!

What are you are saying about the buying habits of your prospective customers?

“If only I didn’t have to visit your fitness club I would definitely join you?”

You’re saying that prospects know everything they need to know about you and feel utterly compelled to join you without even visiting, despite you being in a crowded market of very cheap clubs?

There are only 2 ways that you can believe this.

1)            Your Club is already well known as the cheapest player in town.

2)            You have gone insane and need to see a Doctor now!

Seriously If you want to help your Club be better than here’s what you need to do.

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Sharpen up what you’re doing.

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The internet has changed the way that you sell memberships and Online joining is part of the PROBLEM, NOT part of the solution!

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If you’re tight on staff and find it hard to get time away from your club then this is the next best thing to do.

Unlock The Secrets of World Class Customer Service. Make your Fitness Club “remarkable”!

On the pages of the new monthly online newsletter “Fitness Club Gold” we will be studying Club member journeys and analysing what’s holding operators back from delivering true business class service.

Early research shows two key things stand out.

Google Analytics Research showed that most members will NEVER return to a club’s website once they’ve joined up.

As a result, members are none the wiser about most of the great things you offer that they can take advantage of.

And that obviously effects their spending potential.

But there’s more.

Communicating effectively with your members, and hammering home your promotional messages, can take up to 10 virtual touches, via a range of media.

Everyone knows now that maximising your member spend is going to be crucial to the success of any fitness club in the future.

Lead volumes are dropping and costing more to get.

Conversions are harder to come by.

The first task is to really communicate with your customers better and more often.

Secondly, you just simply must develop ENOUGH services to sell to your members.

For many operator who haven’t, it’s like having a shop where 50 % of your shelves are lying empty!

You can see that this dramatically affects the secondary revenue in your fitness club.

The solution is to do 2 things better and we will be giving you comprehensive insights into

  1. Inventing more things to offer your members to buy
  2. Making your members more aware and Improving the frequency with which you sell to them

Your monthly copy of Fitness club Gold will help you meet the challenge

We will be giving you the “truth” on what, when, how, and why.

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Survival of the Fittest!

If your Fitness Club is going to survive and prosper, you need to take urgent action on 3 things.

  1. Keep your customers as members longer
  2. Make your members spend more with you
  3. Most importantly, how can you ATTRACT LOTS OF NEW CUSTOMERS and convert them to high paying members.

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Why Facebook is a MUST for Fitness Club Operators?

3 Reasons That Facebook Advertising is the No 1 marketing activity for fitness clubs

In 2018 you better get your head around Facebook advertising or you will get left behind by your competition

Here’s why….

1) It’s a platform with a readership of 1.8 billion (and growing)

2) You can target with laser like accuracy the people who are most likely to join your club and advertise directly to them. No other platform gives you this opportunity

3) Its cheap!!! Cheaper than almost any other medium we know except doing nothing!

If you didn’t make sales targets this summer, then our Facebook for Fitness webinar could help!

We have been mastering the use of Facebook Advertising as an effective way of promoting fitness club membership for the last 3 years

What we have learned as we have been doing it for fitness clubs is that it’s certainly not straightforward, although it’s not complex.

You Must Have:

  • A very clear idea of “who” your customer is
  • A visually attractive advert to get attention
  • A landing page that explains why prospects should give up their details
  • A data capture system to nurture interest and make it easy to communicate with.
  • A Compelling reason why your targets should join you and most importantly to do it NOW!
  • A clear Call to action
  • Multi-level opening offers
  • Multiple response mechanisms
  • An ongoing follow up programme for slow converters
  • An ongoing series of offers to move your prospect up your” Value ladder

If any of these terms is a tad confusing or you think that we could probably show you something valuable in our webinar then, get on the call.


It’s on next Wednesday 25th July at 15.00 hours and its around 60 minutes in duration.

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how to generate significantly MORE members WITHOUT discounting your vital Joining Fees!!

No Joining Fee!

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We will be sharing with you lessons on pricing and lead generation improvement and we’ll also be covering some simple to use sales strategies to help you close more business.

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Facebook for Fitness – A marketing revolution is underway

Are you suffering a tough summer for membership sales?

Did “everyone” in your area go away on holiday this year?

Was “everyone” just too busy watching the World Cup on the TV to join up?

Did you tell your team that “no-one joins up when it is too hot/too wet/too windy?” (Delete as appropriate.)

Did your competition offer a crazy joining offer you just couldn’t match?

The fact is, that very soon, you are going to have to stop looking for excuses.

Soon you are going to have to look for a better solution than just plain price discounting.

You will need to come up with a new plan before your Club marketing hits the buffers.

Very soon you are going to have to face some cold, hard facts when it comes to modern fitness marketing.

The Big One, is a realisation that if you’re not the cheapest fitness club in town, it’s no good marketing as if you are.

If you’re not the lowest priced club in town, you better understand completely the compelling reasons, why should people join you

You need to do something very different,

You need to adopt a new approach to your club marketing. You need to do it very soon.

It means having a new mindset to your sales approach,

It means a serious rethink and analysis of what your potential customers are REALLY looking for

It means taking a focussed view about how you look after your members when they join

It means some soul searching on your part on your price offers and how you present them.

Fundamentally it’s going to be about the introduction of some essential cutting-edge sales and marketing tactics.

In a nutshell, it’s as much to do with service as it is with presenting your lowest price membership option.

If your diary seems so busy now, to carry out this sort of a review, then we can help.

If you feel so overwhelmed now with the day to day issues of running your club then we have the answer…

If you’re not an expert in this stuff and you’d be a whole lot happier if someone gave you the turn key solution to your problems, then…. clear your diary for an hour next week.

We will be revealing the solution then!

In just 60 MINUTES next Wednesday at 3pm GMT we will be lifting the lid for you on what you should be doing to dominate in your crowded market using Facebook.

We will be revealing, in easy to follow steps, the key changes you MUST make to competing with your lower cost competition.

What we can tell you right now is that the digital marketing world is undergoing significant change.

We all need to be doing different stuff now than we were 12 months ago to succeed.

The goalposts have moved.

Be there next week and we will show you our latest findings and how you can keep up.