Win more, keep more and upsell more members

Discover How Using Lead Magnets Can Attract Your Ideal Customer

One of the biggest differences between fitness owners who are thriving and fitness owners who are barely surviving is the ability to attract new customers. Not having a system in place to consistently generate new leads makes for a stressful situation and often leads to otherwise well-run fitness clubs closing their doors. What is a Lead Magnet? A lead generation … Read More

23 Essential Monthly Management Reporting Tools

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it! Here are our top KPI’s to keep your club fully optimised: Membership Sales No. of New Members per Month Leads to Sales ratio Appointments to sales ratio Leads to appointments (tour) ratio Fitness Services Top 100 Longest Serving Members Ex Members Termination Patterns (Month on Month %) Top 50 Spending Members … Read More

The Art of Sales and Marketing

The words you use to communicate with your customers are very important, whether in brochures letters, advertisements email, on websites or in telephone and face to face conversations. Below are 15 words that you should consider incorporating into all your communications. Easy Everyone wants stuff that’s easy. We want things to be easy to use, we want results to be … Read More

The 3 Key Member Learning Styles

It is widely recognised that learners have different and preferred learning styles. This has been used particularly in relation to adult learning. Reflecting on learning styles can really help you to look at new members in a different way, encouraging you to think about how best to present the learning experience and what teaching strategies will have the most impact. … Read More

10 Essential Marketing Tools For Effective Member Retention

The most successful way we have found to effectively impact retention and increase member value is through developing a multimedia quarterly and repeating campaign. Here’s the 10 Essential Marketing Tools for Retaining your Members: Online Member Surveys Check what your members want and which of them want it and tailor your retention programs around the results.  Online surveys are a … Read More

Creating Special Offers For Specific Audiences: Mum’s Mornings

The beauty of advertising special offers on Facebook adverts is that we can target very specific audiences. For your club, this is a golden opportunity to attract new members from demographics you haven’t reached before. So, advertising for mums is a campaign you should think about offering. Think of your club’s quiet times during a regular week. Those off-peak hours … Read More

The Ascension Phase Continued Step 6: The Referral Phase

Market research has conclusively shown that the biggest proportion of new joiners comes from the word of mouth power of existing members. When a customer joins up, they are generally full of enthusiasm and want to tell their friends straight away, partly to get approval for the process. A perfect way of marrying these two forces is to encourage your … Read More

The Ascension Phase Continued Step 5: The Closing Phase

So here we are in the 5th phase – the chance to close the sales by simply asking the customer to join. Simple eh? Well you would think so, but for many in sales roles this is the biggest hurdle to overcome. So, what’s happening? Well biologically, we are genetically wired to run away from anything that might cause us … Read More

The Ascension Phase Continued Step 4: The Price Presentation Phase

We’ve arrived at the 4th stage of the 7 – The Price Presentation Phase. We talked about the importance of the greeting phase and the vital job of qualifying the prospects so that we both know we have a club that is ideally placed to serve their needs. We’ve toured the prospect and confirmed that the facilities and services that … Read More

The Ascension Phase Continued Step 3: The Fitness Club Tour

Traditionally, this has been a phase in which the client is walked around the club to be wowed by the quality and breadth of the facilities matching his or her requirements and a tick box exercise to ensure that the client understands what’s on offer. This is the FEATURE tour, and this is changing in the light of the rise … Read More