Split testing to improve Email Marketing


What email strategy do you use in your fitness club?


In order to maximise our email strategy we are testing and improving our emails constantly. We strongly believe that you must use split testing in ALL of your email campaigns. Below you can see a sample email strategy that you could follow for your club promotions.

We recommend that you firstly test your SUBJECT LINE ( the line which your customers see next to the name of the sender.

You can also test TEXT-based emails vs IMAGE based ( Remember images are often stripped because the email size is a bit bigger.)

Here is a TEST CAMPAIGN STRATEGY for you to try :

Split out from your database 4 groups of 200 email addresses.  You can use the following strategy:

Use 2 individual subject lines ……Use a text only version and one with graphics ….

1.      Subject line 1 + text

2.      Subject line 1 + graphics

3.      Subject line 2 + text

4.      Subject line 2 + graphics

Try this schedule with 3 individual emails

(You can determine different criteria which you can test but remember for precise results test just one component at the time.)

email marketing strategy3-01


After testing with the first three emails from your email string.

The winning combination of subject line and text or graphics is now sent to everyone who hasn’t received it.

Your email system then will provide you with a report on the success of the campaign ( if it doesn’t contact us and we will give you one that does.)


You can then split your list into 3 groups :

1.      Those who did not-open, – COLD

2.      Those who opened – WARM

3.      Those who clicked on your emails.- HOT

You will then create three distinct lists of emails based on their responses.

To your

  • cold leads you can offer the same content with a different subject line
  • warm leads you can send a different type of email – for example connected with time constraints – Don’t miss out on the offer , it ends on (date)
  •  hot leads you can offer a much more sales related and direct incentive to make them react on your emails

After your clients start to react on your emails you can follow the loyal customers and reward them, but this technique will be the basis of another topic for discussion



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