Summer Is Here! It’s Time To Promote A 6 Week Beach Body Programme


Once the beach is in sight, we all start to think about how we are going to look when we are stripped down and basking in the sun.

Motivation to get a quick fix exercise programme is at one of the highest points of the year.

For the commitment phobia prospect, the 6-week programme is an acceptable bridge to get to know you and your club before they make a longer commitment to membership.

They will do in significant numbers if they get the service and the results in this phase.

For some people access to your club facilities for 6 weeks will be all they need or want. For others, they are going to need much greater levels of help, guidance and support.

That’s why when the Beach Body prospects come to the Club to enlist …You’re going to give them a branded graphic containing 3 different options of the 6 week offer containing varying levels of support at 3 different price points for the client to choose from.

So, if you want to run a “fast track” 6-week option at £30, so be it.

But for me who wants and needs the help of your exercise team to programme me and to monitor me , I will pay the gold option at say £75 or the VIP option complete with PT sessions at £250 – You decide what goes in the options and what you charge!

We know that the triple price sandwich approach works brilliantly wherever we do it and it will for you too! The other benefit is that it broadens the appeal of the programme to a broader audience.

So, who are the audience for the 6-week Beach Body Programme?

  1. Prospects after a quick non – commitment fix
  2. Customers after a “supported “fitness programme
  3. Students after a vacation programme
  4. Current members after a serviced programme pre-holiday
  5. Ex members to gently reintroduce them to your club

The most effective ways to find these groups is via Facebook advertising or by email.

You can customise the copy to suit the audience you aim the advertising at so you can have different versions for:

  • Men under 35
  • Women over 35
  • Mums
  • Dads
  • Grandparents

In fact, any audience that you can think of who may be interested in this sort of programme.

Facebooks’ built in audience criterion will permit you to show the right adverts to the right audience.

You simply book people in to visit the club and sell them the appropriate package when they arrive. (We know that some prospects will even join you as full members at this point!)

Here are 3 simple ways to make conversions easier for your Club staff:

  1. Online needs analysis which will identify the good, better or best option most suited to the prospect.
  2. A graphic showing what the ingredients of each package are, with an offer of a price discount to convert today.
  3. A 14-day Money Back Guarantee to take away the barrier to starting.

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