Fitness Club Success

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7 Step Membership Sales Process. The Greeting #2

Welcome to our series on “Maximising your Fitness Club Sales”. The Greeting The first 10 seconds is going to be vital in creating the right first impression and to overcome the prospects likely anxiety about the experience. The really good sales people will prepare themselves for the meeting by adopting a particular ‘game face’ and attitude by thinking themselves in to … Read More

7 Step Membership Sales Process. Step #1 – Pre Meet Key Actions

Welcome to our series on “Maximising your Fitness Club Sales”. Over the next 2 weeks we will be explaining the ultimate sales system.  Pre Meet Key Actions Your sales team to have pre-confirmed the appointment – show rates increase 20% with a confirmation call on the day of; (for afternoon and evening appointments ) or the night before for morning … Read More

6 questions about your website and internet marketing

Below are six questions about your website and internet marketing. Please give them serious consideration. 6Q Do you try to sell to people immediately on your website or are you doing ‘lead generation‘ where you get visitors to begin a relationship with you? This approach has been known to increase conversions by over 1000%. Do you have professional video on … Read More

key word is Optimisation

In the next few lines, I am going to tell you precisely how successful online marketeers  do it. In all seriousness, this is probably the most potentially profitable email I have ever written for you. You may want to read these few paragraphs several times, print them out and stick them to the wall. This is, in many ways, THE … Read More