Imagine owning a shop where 99 out of 100 people who come in, walk out again without buying from you.

Imagine owning a shop where 99 out of 100 people who come in, walk out again without buying from you. How depressing would that be?

Well here’s the good news. There’s a simple step you can take to ensure that 10%, 20% or more of the people who visit your site become either customers or potential customers. And it’s a simple change that will ensure your website is never boring.

This method also takes advantage of the most important shift in Internet Marketing this decade. Read on – your website may never be the same again..

The secret to having a successful website today is – Do not make selling your products or services the prime purpose of your website.

Sounds strange? Well here’s what you need to know.

In the early days of the internet, we all thought that the purpose of a business web site was to sell stuff. The idea was – people would come to our site and then either order online or contact us by phone or email to become customers.

Nice idea – only trouble is, for 9 out of 10 businesses, it doesn’t work. Why?Because as we know, people ‘surf’ the web. People don’t visit websites, stopping each time to make a purchase or make contact and then move on to the next one. They ‘surf’ the web. That’s why it’s called surfing.

How many times have you seen a website that might be of interest to you. You promise yourself you’ll come back to it – and within seconds of you moving on to the next site, you’ve forgotten about it forever.

Of course there are rare exceptions (Amazon etc) and we can all get SOME online sales and contacts – but if 99% are leaving your shop without buying, you’re losing out big time.

So, if you’re not going to use your website primarily to sell stuff, what are you going to use it for?



Gifted Hero by  JD Hancock is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Instead of using it to SELL people stuff. Use it to GIVE people stuff.

Let me repeat that. Because if you really get this … your internet strategy can be transformed.

Instead of using your website to SELL people stuff. Use it to GIVE people stuff.

There has been a quiet revolution among the world’s great internet marketers in recent years. That revolution has been a shift from websites where the prime purpose is to sell products and services, to websites whose prime purpose is to BEGIN A RELATIONSHIP with people visiting.

Think of it like this. Your biggest challenge when people visit your site isn’t necessarily to clinch the sale. Your biggest challenge is to begin a relationship with them before they move on to the next site.

So how do you apply this principle to your website? I strongly suggest that you test making the prime purpose of your website to get the contact details of visitors so that you can begin a relationship with them. Once you have their email address and permission to contact them you can send them great information in a series of emails that will almost certainly lead to many of them becoming customers.

To get their contact details you need to GIVE them something. Something of real value. That could be a newsletter, but it’s not enough just to offer a basic newsletter. Be crystal clear that in the newsletter they’re going to get information on your core subject such as exercise principles , or weight loss information that has a real value to them.

Ideally, go beyond a newsletter. Newsletters used to be great but now they’re regarded as boring. Offer people

  • a free report with some precious information.
  • a CD
  • a video
  • REE invent
  • at Home Membership where people can get interesting content without joining up.

Do you think that will get the juices flowing ?

Remember, you need to make an offer so compelling, the casual surfer is persuaded to stop and give you their contact details and start a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

The system for capturing email addresses and sending information is very simple and can all be automated. Your website design people will help.

And don’t panic! This does not mean that you have to stop selling things or promoting yourself on your site. You may want to follow the example of many successful businesses who have two sites – one for new visitors and one for existing customers and people who know you well, your members.

Once you begin an ongoing communication with people visiting your site, you can use email to both send useful information AND promote services that you have that can dramatically impact the lives of the people reading it.

Some people hesitate about doing this because they think that people will just read the free information and never become customers. The truth is, some will, but they’re the ones that are losing out. It’s like standing outside the world’s finest restaurant and eating the food that’s thrown out at the end of the day. It’s actually great food – but dining at the restaurant is an altogether far superior experience, isn’t it?

I want to be your source of leading edge information to grow your business and increase your profits – and strategies like the one we’ve just covered are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are like most fitness owners you are sitting on a goldmine of untapped profits. 

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