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Split testing to improve Email Marketing

What email strategy do you use in your fitness club?   In order to maximise our email strategy we are testing and improving our emails constantly. We strongly believe that you must use split testing in ALL of your email campaigns. Below you can see a sample email strategy that you could follow for your club promotions. We recommend that … Read More

The most powerful marketing strategy in the world

This post is about how to tap into possibly the most powerful marketing strategy in the world. Word of mouth recommendation is an incredibly effective form of marketing, because what other people say about you is more believable than what you say about yourself (this is why testimonials are so good for business). And the very best word of mouth … Read More

key word is Optimisation

In the next few lines, I am going to tell you precisely how successful online marketeers¬† do it. In all seriousness, this is probably the most potentially profitable email I have ever written for you. You may want to read these few paragraphs several times, print them out and stick them to the wall. This is, in many ways, THE … Read More