The 10 Best Freemium Offers For Fitness Clubs

A free group exercise class can be appealing for potential new members that want to socialise with others

Everyone likes getting something for free. Users of gyms and leisure centres are no different.

But just because it isn’t a form of marketing that costs the customer anything initially, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using this tactic.

It’s actually the start of a very important funnel…


You’re gaining attention from customers by NOT selling anything, which is great for brand awareness.


This should follow on from attracting the customers and generate leads for you. Once they’re a lead, it’s your opportunity to upsell.


A lead’s data is invaluable, so you should be using it to follow them up with regular communication to build a relationship. Slowly building up the price and value of any offers you want to contact them with, as their trust grows.


As this point, the lead has shown a clear interest in your brand and services, so it’s time to hook them in, to becoming a paying customer. Special Promotions and Limited Time Offers can be used. Plus, as you’ve nurtured your lead along the way, you’ll hopefully know more about them, so can tailor what you offer them based on their behaviour so far.

So, with all that said, lets run down the Best Freemium Offers for Fitness Clubs:

1. Competitions

Running a competition such as an online Spin The Wheel where customers can enter a free prize draw to win for example an annual family membership pass as well as many other spot prizes.

2. Surveys

People like to voice their opinions. So a 90 second personal fitness success survey where the outcome is your fitness club tailoring a fitness plan to suit each individual is a great way to generate leads.

3. Personal Consultations

The opportunity to reserve a personal consultation with a fitness expert could be exactly what your new prospect is looking for to kick start a healthy exercise regime.

4. Open Days

Give people a chance to come along to your gym, have a glass of wine and find out what makes your club unique with free access all day.

5. Guest Passes

Send customers a free guest pass perhaps for 3 days usage where they have access to all the gym’s facilities.

6. Free Personal Training Session

They can book in a free session with a personal trainer and have that one to one service they perhaps are looking for.

7. Free Group Exercise Class

For some people a big part of them joining a gym is the social side and therefore offering them the chance to join a free exercise class such as pilates or yoga can be very appealing.

8. Downloadable Exercise And Nutrition Reports

Material that they can read in the comfort of their own home, such as a 3-day food diary can be helpful.

9. Birthday Offers

Don’t forget their birthdays! Send them a gift such as a free 7-day pass to tempt them into your gym.

10. Exercise At Home Email Support

Not everyone is confident enough or has the time to set aside for going to the gym. Show your potential customers you understand that by sending out some tips on keeping healthy at home.

All these freebies have the possibility of turning your bargain hunter into a valued customer.

When done in the right way, the freemium model can be a powerful way to attract customers and generate serious profits for your business.

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