The 10 Fitness Club Success Commandments…


The 10 Fitness Club Success Commandments

It’s not a comprehensive checklist by any means but it’s a good starting point for you to look at and evaluate how your Club measures up.

If you subscribe to our FREE Fitness Club Community, “Fitness Club Success” then you will get a heap more detail on each of these in the weeks and months ahead.

Here we go with the 10…

  1. Offline strategies CAN work as well, if not better than online stuff. Do not stop doing everything that you used to do (and worked) in favour of the new magical marketing thing. Commit to testing everything you do and don’t stop doing the things that work! Do more not less!
  2. If you’re not using at least TEN different methods of getting customers into your business, you’re probably missing out on a fortune.
  3. Website designers are not Entrepreneurs. They’re website designers. They should not be responsible for your Internet Marketing. The future success will be about effective multi-step “lead generation” promotions rather than “Direct purchase” offers. This is a concept called Lifecycle marketing in action!
  4. You have 8 seconds to make an impact on a new visitor to your website. If you don’t get them interested in the first 8 seconds, they’ll move on to the next site.
  5. Marketing is the greatest tool available for fitness club operators. Becoming great at Marketing will make you successful. Go to our seminars, sign up for our webinars, listen to experts on tapes, read books and keep learning!
  6. Your prices are almost certainly too low. Stop being frightened of Joining fees, copying your competitions ridiculous pricing offers and stop adopting the “people round here haven’t got much money B.S”!
  7. The most important factor in creating leadership success is your mindset and thinking. That’s why a significant proportion of my work is focused on Advanced Thinking for fitness club owners and managers.
  8. Nothing I tell you will ever be theory. All my strategies were developed in ‘the trenches’. If I can save you from some of the hurdles I had to jump over, I will have done a good job
  9. Your number one priority must be to maximise the value of each one of your members. You’ve already paid to get them so every penny you can wrestle from them now is largely profit.
  10. You are undoubtedly not spending enough on sales and marketing.

99% of the time, this is because of a lack of understanding around the concept of “Buying Customers “.

Once you accept this idea and can accurately calculate the Lifetime value of a member, you will know everything you need to maximize your marketing and you can dominate your market.

If you think that there may well be a degree of sense in what you have just read, then act.

Here’s what I want you to do…

  • Register for all the great FREE Stuff that’s available on Fitness Club Gold
  • Join the Linked in Group “Fitness Club Success”
  • Go to our website and download Grant Harrison’s excellent “100 Ways to Drive Membership Sales” ebook- its brill!
  • Watch the Fit Digital video on how we help Clubs like yours digitally with 100% GUARANTEED SUCCESS.25



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