The 17 Step Fitness Club Membership Conversion Programme


1. Lead generation focussed campaigns designed to acquire prospect email data

2. A Sequence of 4 “Indoctrination” Videos sent out prior to touring the club

3. A “Bring a Friend” Invitation by txt. Email, phone offered prior to tour

4. A Competition entry data capture system at the point of visit.

5. In-club Welcome board and smiling recognition by name at Front desk

6. Trained, scripted and well compensated membership sales people

7. An initial professional consultation interview and choreographed, multi- media presentation of the offers

8. A compelling additional BONUS offer to motivate customers to join there and then

9. A choice of Triple Option starter programmes & memberships– Good,Better,Best options

10. 14-day Money back Guarantee on all Memberships

11. Transferable Membership options on 12 months PLUS memberships

12. A handwritten Thank You card on the day of the visit

13. A sequence of interesting prospect follow up emails containing Member testimonial videos

14. A Complimentary Personal Consultation offer and 1-day Guest pass after 14 days as a prospect

15. A VIP 3-day pass offer after 28 days

16. Access to a Fitness@ Home Scheme after 42 days as a prospect.

17. A multi-offer landing page to re-engage cold prospects accessible from every follow up email





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