The 20 Unspoken Fitness Prospect Questions Your Sales Team Need to Cover!


Before your team engage with any New Year prospects, make sure that they have got plausible, compelling answers to these 20 key questions.

Just because they don’t get asked them expressly, doesn’t mean they are not being thought about by your prospect. An effective sales presentation will cover these important psychological barriers to joining.

1. Does getting fit hurt?

2. Am I locked in to a long contract of membership?

3. What If I really don’t like it once I start?

4. How much time do I need to commit to get results?

5. What happens if I don’t understand how to work the equipment?

6. Will I be looked at by other users?

7. What happens when I visit the club?

8. What happens on the first visit?

9. Will I meet people like me?

10. What does your Doctor do for the Club and how will it help me?

11. How will I know if the programme is working?

12. Do I need to change my diet?

13. Do you help motivate me? I might need it?

14. What happens when my body stops responding to your regime?

15. Can I train with my friends?

16. What makes you different to the cheaper one down the road?

17. What about my tummy? Can we get it flatter?

18. Can I get time with a trainer if I need it?

19. Should I take some classes when I join?

20. Is your Club fun?





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