The 3 Key Member Learning Styles


It is widely recognised that learners have different and preferred learning styles. This has been used particularly in relation to adult learning.

Reflecting on learning styles can really help you to look at new members in a different way, encouraging you to think about how best to present the learning experience and what teaching strategies will have the most impact.

The Honey & Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire:

The Honey and Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire is a well-known resource which will help you to determine your own preferred learning style.

Common Learning Styles:

Here are some ideas to bear in mind when planning your “Induction Process” to ensure you take account of different learning styles within your new member group and plan a range of activities to meet their needs.

  • Visual Learners


• Relate most effectively to information which is written

• Uncomfortable with a teaching delivery where they are unable to take notes

• Most effective when using written communication

Suggested Approaches:

• Give hand-outs and pens using diagrams, pictures etc.

• Use videos

• Allow new members to make notes

• Highlight key words on worksheets and hand-outs

  • Auditory Learners


• Learn skills by listening, imitation and practice

• Reliable most effectively to the spoken word

Suggested Approaches:

• Give verbal instructions

• Let the new member have access to audio tapes etc

• Use discussion for learning

• Repetition is key

• Multiple media use

  • Kinaesthetic Learners


• Learn effectively through movement, getting involved and ‘hands on’ activities

• Learn skills by imitation and practice

• May find that they are impatient if they have to sit and listen for lengthy periods

Suggested Approaches:

• Ensure learners are actively involved

• Use ‘hands onʼ activities

• Make use of videos, webinars, seminars

• Shorter repeated sessions may work best

So, based on the research into learning styles here are some ideas for you to incorporate into your new member induction process.

• Scripted equipment familiarity and programming sessions

• Utilise PowerPoint Presentations

• Video follow up sessions

• Email strings

• Audio presentations

• Regular Hand-outs

• Offline & Online Newsletters

• Follow-up Calls to determine progress and next moves

• Paper based Programme Cards

• Paper Personal Progress packs

• Offline Food Diaries

• Online Exercise Intensity Trackers

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