The Art of Sales and Marketing


The words you use to communicate with your customers are very important, whether in brochures letters, advertisements email, on websites or in telephone and face to face conversations.

Below are 15 words that you should consider incorporating into all your communications.


Everyone wants stuff that’s easy. We want things to be easy to use, we want results to be easier to achieve, we want everything easy. If your product or service makes peoples’ lives easier, make sure you tell them.


The magic word in all good copy. Using the word ‘you’ forces you to have a personal conversation with the person reading it. Don’t you agree?


There comes a point when you need to tell your customer what to do. They need to call you, or book on something or ‘click here.’ But you don’t want them doing it tomorrow or next week. You want them to do it now – so tell them.


Very powerful. People love anything that’s free. Particularly useful to generate new sales leads.

No Risk

Anything you can do to reduce the risk for your customers will increase your sales. Your customers may not be consciously thinking about it but subconsciously they’re worrying about risking money and possibly time by doing business with you. Risk elimination is one of the most effective Marketing strategies available to you.


The ultimate risk elimination is the guarantee. Just adding a guarantee to advertisements, for example, will often increase sales 30% or more.


There’s something about the word ‘Yes’ It just works wonders. When you speak to customers use it a lot. It’s equally important to avoid the word ‘no.’


It’s important to use the word important. People want to know about important things and it’s a word that grabs the reader’s attention. And that’s important!

Person’s Name

In many contexts, the most important word you can use is the customer’s name. The more personalised your letters are, the higher the response. Email autoresponders enable you to send hundreds or thousands of personalized messages at the same time.


We all want things to happen faster. If you can do it – tell them.

Proven / Proof

It’s often useful to assume that people reading your message do not believe what you’re telling them. It may not be the case for all of them but it’s likely that a good proportion is sceptical. Offer proof wherever you can.


Everyone wants the ‘new’ thing. We may be bored with advertisements but if they promise us something ‘new’ that can get our interest.


If there is a genuine limit to what you are offering or the number of people who can have it, it’s worth making a big deal about that. Scarcity is an important marketing tool.


People believe that their lives are very complicated so anything that simplifies the process will grab their attention.


One of the simplest copy-writing formulas is to state the customer’s problem, tell them you can solve it and then tell them precisely how you’re going to solve it.

Next Steps…. check all your copy both online and offline and look for where you can add these profit-generating words. It’s even worth testing your current response rates against different copy using these words. Also, be aware, there will be other specific words, not on this list, that your customer base will respond to.

Duncan Green is Managing Director of Momentum Business Development.


He is a trusted adviser to fitness clubs globally, and his company provides advanced online sales and marketing services to UK Fitness Club operators.




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