The Importance Of Promoting To New Members


You’ve got the new member into your club, that’s the hard bit done.

So, what’s the best way to make their initial phase of membership as pleasurable as possible?

The first 42 days of their membership is key to making the best first impression.

With a New Member Onboarding Programme, you can do just that…

Firstly, once they’ve agreed to become a member, it’s a great idea to present them with different Membership Options which are tailored to the different requirements of your members.

Set out in Bronze, Silver, Gold packages. It gives them the feeling of flexibility to choose the type of membership they want and what they could get if they want to upgrade.

Then, you will want to have a New Member Newsletter ready to be sent out to them upon signing up as a member. This is a great way to welcome them to the club, make them feel more at ease and show them the level of support you will offer them.

As well as a Newsletter, you could have a special website available just for new members in their first 42 days, which contains all the offers, programmes and advice you’d like to communicate to them.

And how to communicate with them?

Through regular emails and texts, showing them the benefits of the content and directing them to sign up for any of the services.

Your first programme session should be supported with a choreographed PowerPoint presentation and an agreed script that all staff follow. Some of your new members will learn visually as opposed to absorbing your words so it makes sense to use both.

So, what sort of things should you look to promote to new members?

Your Newsletter and Website can contain such things as:

  • A guide to what happens on their first session
  • A chance to book in for a refresher session
  • Special Offer to nominate several their friends to free passes
  • A chance to book in for a Before and After Photo session
  • Special limited time Personal Training Offer
  • A chance to book in for a fitness assessment
  • Special Offer on products like Heart Rate monitors
  • A guide to tracking their results, with their very own Personal Progress Pack
  • A chance to sign up for an Online Nutrition Programme
  • A Social Media Reviews Offer, where they can get a free gift for writing a good testimonial
  • A ‘where to find’ index, so they have all your Website, Facebook, Fitness Services, Contact details etc. all in one place and easy to access

With this level of service upon becoming a member, you’re giving yourself the best chance to make them feel wanted and help in retaining your membership fees.

And it’s the type of programme none of your competitors will be doing….

Being “remarkable” is your aim. That is doing things in an unexpectedly good way that inspires customers to talk about you. This is the most powerful and cost-effective way to compete without reducing your prices. 

To find out all there is to know about onboarding new members, click on the link below and arrange a short online demo.

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