The Power of Online Surveys


The Power of Online Surveys

  • Real time results
  • Customisation ability in the survey
  • Easy to manage manipulation information
  • Survey wrapped inside digital marketing assets


6 key uses…


  • Prospecting

One of the key jobs in membership sales is QUALIFYING your prospects. In the pre-internet days our membership team asked each prospect critical questions to see if our club could provide a suitable solution to the Prospects issue. We’ve developed an online fitness survey that does the very same thing and costs a fraction of the cost of employing good salespeople.  Imagine knowing which of your internet leads are ready to join now, what they want for your club and you have all the details easily available to communicate with them immediately.


  • Medical Activity Readiness Questionnaires

Only 14 % of the population are members of fitness clubs One of the issues for main more is that they are not sure that exercise will help them due to prior medical condition. By using a medical survey online it’s amazingly easy to utilise a local friendly GP to link up to your prospects to assess with them the benefits from joining you. Medical support sets you apart in a crowded market and is an absolute “no brainer” if you want to attract the deconditioned market.

We have a turnkey ready to roll solution “Medifit” with a team of on call specialist Doctors if you don’t want to suffer the pain of starting your own scheme.


  • New members Fitness Requirements

Bottom line, if you’ve been a prior member of a gym, then your new Clubs induction session is a complete turnoff. Members see it as a complete waste of there time and for many they would like to give it a wide berth if only they could. Anything that damages the relationship between Club and new member has got to be a dangerous thing so early in the membership life.

That’s why a pre-Induction survey uncovering what the new member wants to get out of your integration system, their exercise history, and favoured equipment will pay huge benefits for you. It will save hours of staff time, allowing you to focus on the members who need help and stop you wasting the time of uninterested new users.


  • Existing members Fitness Services Survey

Imagine if you could find out what your new members would like to take advantage of before you organised it. Imagine the time saving of only putting together what your customers asked for and being able forensically identify the people who asked for it and give it to them. Who wants Personal Training? Who would like to train as a small group in regular class format? Who wants to take part in a 6-week transformation programme? Who would like to go on a ski holiday with the club? Imagine how much more money that you could make for your club with that sort of up to the minute intel!


  • Members Quarterly satisfaction surveys

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a well-used validator of customer satisfaction. Cutting edge survey software allows operators to combine numerical feedback with more informative open-ended member feedback that will lift the lid on a simple feedback criterion. It will probably alert you to high risk of dropout customers and permit you to provide personalised solutions to their issues. That must help retention in the longer term. Don’t guess; survey: regularly!



  • Ex Member Feedback Surveys

Where did it all go wrong? If only you knew would it help to create a better more relevant Club? The ability to recover lost members id a vital part of successful club marketing and having some insight into why your customer left you is a very useful starting point.



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