The Sooner Your Know About This The Better…


How about a Summer Holiday Fitness Programme Reactivation Offer?

From New years day till 23rd June 2018 I trained over 100 times at my club!

I was in the best shape for a decade.

I was pumping the biggest weights ever.

I was chiseled like I haven’t been for some considerable number of years.

And then I went on holiday for a couple of weeks

I came back exhausted, with new chins and a protruding gut!

Unfortunately, I still haven’t been back to the gym from the minute I landed till this week.

It’s a break of over 4 weeks and counting!

I’m dodging it because it’s going to hurt me and now as I decline I’m starting to hate myself for not going.

I just wonder why my club couldn’t have organized some sort of Reactivation offer to pre-set an appointment with a trainer for my first week back from holiday BEFORE I set off?

I’m sure that if it was in the diary before I went, I would have turned up, and immediately I’m back in the groove and going again.

Is this just too much to ask of a Fitness Club that understands the problems that many of us face when our attendance patterns are affected by holidays and sickness?

I’m pretty sure that currently there are loads of your members who are suffering the same fate as me.

So why not Be different

Create the Reactivation offer

Charge me or make it Free if I book beforehand. Your choice.

I’ll tell my friends what you do and just maybe that will push them closer to checking you out as the sort of club they would like to join at some point.

If nothing else, your trainers will make hay from it and it may also help stop some inactive members from terminating.

If anyone is doing something similar let me know



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