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On the pages of the new monthly online newsletter “Fitness Club Gold” we will be studying Club member journeys and analysing what’s holding operators back from delivering true business class service.

Early research shows two key things stand out.

Google Analytics Research showed that most members will NEVER return to a club’s website once they’ve joined up.

As a result, members are none the wiser about most of the great things you offer that they can take advantage of.

And that obviously effects their spending potential.

But there’s more.

Communicating effectively with your members, and hammering home your promotional messages, can take up to 10 virtual touches, via a range of media.

Everyone knows now that maximising your member spend is going to be crucial to the success of any fitness club in the future.

Lead volumes are dropping and costing more to get.

Conversions are harder to come by.

The first task is to really communicate with your customers better and more often.

Secondly, you just simply must develop ENOUGH services to sell to your members.

For many operator who haven’t, it’s like having a shop where 50 % of your shelves are lying empty!

You can see that this dramatically affects the secondary revenue in your fitness club.

The solution is to do 2 things better and we will be giving you comprehensive insights into

  1. Inventing more things to offer your members to buy
  2. Making your members more aware and Improving the frequency with which you sell to them

Your monthly copy of Fitness club Gold will help you meet the challenge

We will be giving you the “truth” on what, when, how, and why.

Fitness Club Gold carries no advertising and costs you ZIP ! Nothing, Nada!

Its dedicated to helping you make a better club for your members and more profit for you

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