Where’s The Appliance of Science Gone in Fitness Programming


What’s happened to The Appliance of Science in Fitness Programming?


No one who follows Linked in can have escaped the “MyZone P.R machine in recent months.

Clearly, this a is a product which is getting a great deal of traction with Clubs the world over.

If you’ve just been released from a long prison sentence or rescued after many years on a desert island and you’re not familiar with the concept, the “magic” of MyZone lies in ensuring with visual cues (colour changes on a screen) users can see they are exercising at the precise heart rate intensity ( specifically calculated for them) to get the maximum benefit from their exercise session.

It permits individual specificity while exercising in a group setting and allows participants to really understand and match the theory of heart rate training to the physiological experience.

A true application of the perceived rate of exertion in action for the first time.

More importantly psychologically, people who wear the belts KNOW that they are doing the right thing.

This helps to build self-confidence in the regime.It helps elevate the authority of the Club by association. MyZone users believe that training in the zone will deliver positive outcomes and maybe this heightened confidence stimulates users to train longer and more frequently. I don’t know that to be a fact, but I suspect it’s probably so.

What is a proven fact is that one of the single biggest reasons that people leave fitness clubs, is because they don’t see results? That’s often because they don’t know what they are doing, don’t log workouts or use some way of measuring how effective their programme is.

If My Zone has cracked how to make consumers confident with heart rate training by ensuring that members can check that they are at the right level, why don’t clubs programme people on resistance equipment in a similar way?

During my years supporting fitness clubs, I’m always stunned by the number of inexperienced members who DON’T follow a programme, and Clubs that seem to be reluctant to offer them in the first place or insist on its use.

Check out your gym tomorrow morning.

The guys and gals keeping accurate records on what they have done and how they fared will be the advanced trainers in your gym. That’s how they do it and why they achieve.

If you apply some comprehensible science to members exercise workouts you also add credibility and talking points.

If you can add successful testimonials to these scientifically based exercise programmes you create a phenomenon.

Programme cards are sadly becoming lost in the orgy of digital tracking and fitness apps that are taking over the industry. It’s a terrible shame and a dreadful business mistake by the fitness world.

MyZone works because it is VISIBLE.

Can you see what your members are doing on the resistance equipment? Can you easily see how many reps, sets they are doing?

Almost all fitness apps make programming invisible to the staff employed to coach. It renders them useless and its counterproductive on the experience of the member. People naturally want to share what they do. That’s what group exercise is and why it’s so popular, isn’t it?

Look out for my post next week.

I’ll show you how you can use just a single piece of paper to transform how people view you, the Club and their exercise programme. I’ll tell you exactly how you can get this piece of paper to improve your secondary spend, member retention, stimulate referrals as well as boosting membership uptake.

The Magic of the 45 pence card is coming to you next week. Watch out for it!



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