Why all clubs should have a Doctor


Imagine How Many More People Would Join Your Club if you had your own Qualified Doctor to help them…

People are 40 times more likely to ask a Doctor for advice on exercise than a Personal Trainer


Everyone knows that when they have reached a level of ill health they would benefit greatly from following an exercise programme. They just don’t know where to go to get the right advice because of their health issues.

A recent research paper proved that people are 40 times more likely to ask a Doctor for advice on exercise than a Personal Trainer.

So that’s straight forward then…send them to their GP and they will recommend a programme. But you know how increasingly difficult and drawn out the process is to get an appointment to see your GP.

And if you are lucky enough to see your GP… will you get the right advice you were hoping for?

In a recent Scottish study of GP practices, it was found that ONLY 5% of GPs ASK about their patient’s exercise history during a consultation

WHY do you think the statistics are so LOW? Aren’t they trained at Medical school about the benefits of exercise. Aren’t Doctors advocates of the “Exercise is medicine” school of thought????

Err ….NO ! Not at all. In fact it’s a shocking and little known fact that Sports & Exercise Medicine is NOT EVEN ON the curriculum for NEW Doctor training in the UK or even the USA !!!

Imagine the community benefits and yes , the commercial advantage of your club having its own Medical DIRECTOR – a qualified Sports and Exercise Medicine trained Doctor who screens your members and DEALS DIRECTLY with the ones who have a positive risk factor.

NO MORE referring potential customers away to their GP for a letter of authorisation never to be seen again.

Customers hunt your club down BECAUSE you are the only Club in their area where they will get medically supervised exercise prescription! Within the cost of membership! It’s got to make sense on any level you care to think about:


  • Community Engagement
  • Social responsibility
  • Practical Heath initiative
  • Gives your Club a USP in a crowded market
  • Makes you money through increased sales
  • Establishes you as an “Authority “ and “ Enhances “your reputation as a Professional Club



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