Why Facebook is a MUST for Fitness Club Operators?


3 Reasons That Facebook Advertising is the No 1 marketing activity for fitness clubs

In 2018 you better get your head around Facebook advertising or you will get left behind by your competition

Here’s why….

1) It’s a platform with a readership of 1.8 billion (and growing)

2) You can target with laser like accuracy the people who are most likely to join your club and advertise directly to them. No other platform gives you this opportunity

3) Its cheap!!! Cheaper than almost any other medium we know except doing nothing!

If you didn’t make sales targets this summer, then our Facebook for Fitness webinar could help!

We have been mastering the use of Facebook Advertising as an effective way of promoting fitness club membership for the last 3 years

What we have learned as we have been doing it for fitness clubs is that it’s certainly not straightforward, although it’s not complex.

You Must Have:

  • A very clear idea of “who” your customer is
  • A visually attractive advert to get attention
  • A landing page that explains why prospects should give up their details
  • A data capture system to nurture interest and make it easy to communicate with.
  • A Compelling reason why your targets should join you and most importantly to do it NOW!
  • A clear Call to action
  • Multi-level opening offers
  • Multiple response mechanisms
  • An ongoing follow up programme for slow converters
  • An ongoing series of offers to move your prospect up your” Value ladder

If any of these terms is a tad confusing or you think that we could probably show you something valuable in our webinar then, get on the call.


It’s on next Wednesday 25th July at 15.00 hours and its around 60 minutes in duration.

You can reserve a space by clicking here

It could well be a game changer for you and your club.





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