Why Giving Your Prices Out Too Soon is Just Plain Crazy (Part 1)


Letting Customers Know Your Prices Too Soon is Madness! Part 1

I’m not going to beat about the bush on this one.

I’m stunned by how the fitness industry is behaving with regard online joining systems and website marketing generally.

We seem to behave like sheep when it comes to this latest fad.

I have 2 Non-Negotiable deeply rooted convictions to share with you today.

  1. You must take your membership prices off the public area of your website
  2. You must Change your process for linking customers to your online joining area.

Send the online sign up link to prospects only AFTER they have been qualified using txt or, and email.

When customers ask you for your membership prices, it’s not necessarily that its vital to them. Really, they simply don’t know what else to ask.

They never say, “can you make me feel better about myself”, or “can you change me so my partner finds me more attractive”, or “Can you make me sexier and more popular” even though they may subconsciously be feeling these things.

Sure, they may have a budget that they want to spend on membership but like everything in life, this is a moving feast and is negotiable dependent on what they are getting back in return.

Do you think they would pay many times more if you could GUARANTEE the results? You bet!

The critical mission to selling memberships when you are not the CHEAPEST player in town is to get them to come down and visit you and sit 1 to 1 while you explain “what makes you different”.

Anything else is throwing in the towel and giving a huge proportion of your hard-won prospects to the opposition. That’s Crazy!

If you doubt the logic try this test.

I’ve got 2 cars for sale, a Blue one and a Red one.

You can have either for £5000. Which one do you want?

If you chose the blue one you are now the owner of a broken down, 20-year-old Mini with bashed in wings, boot and 3 flat tyres.

If you chose red you can drive away a brand new, out of the show room Porsche Carrera.

You maybe never meant to spend £5000 on a car at all but now that you can see that you are getting a brilliant deal on a new Porsche it changes everything doesn’t it?

Who chose Blue?

You did because you couldn’t see exactly what you are buying, and you therefore couldn’t make an informed decision. It’s the same with fitness clubs where you are differentiated on service and facilities.

You’ve got to first see them and hear about them to understand the value they offer.


Next time Ill be giving you the scripts that you can use with your team to disarm the price enquirer.

Meet back here on Thursday.






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