Why Targeting Prospects With Upcoming Birthdays Makes Good Marketing Sense!


When it comes to targeting customers online, you must think outside the box.

Don’t go with the norm and do what everyone else does, or you’ll end up competing for advertising space and then it’s a battle of spending power.

But if you advertise at different/more specific audiences, you’re more likely to engage with them and have a message they can relate to.

And what better message than a Happy Birthday gift?!

With Facebook’s power, we can target people with birthdays in specific months, upcoming birthdays, even close friends of people with upcoming birthdays.

Advertising special birthday offers is a great way of communicating a personable, happy message to potential customers.

There are also some important psychological factors working in your advantage around the prospects Birthday.

One, people having birthdays are more than likely to look at anything headlined “It’s your birthday…” so your ad’s get noticed with improved open rates.

Two, people tend to consider the future much more around their birthdays and that often means making changes and improvements to areas like personal health and lifestyle.

When prospects are in this contemplative state, they are easier to market to.

What kind of birthday gift can you offer them?

Offering something like a Free 30-Day Guest Pass is an attractive welcoming offer to this potential new customer. You could even decide to run this at, for example, men who are about to turn 40 in September:

Offering them a full access pass to your facilities for 1 month and making them feel welcome, can make a big difference and perhaps turn an unmotivated exerciser into a potential member.

All because you took the time to make them feel valued.

And the great thing about running birthday offers? You’re guaranteed to target a different audience every month if you choose to do it regularly.

So, it’s definitely a target market you should always consider with your lead generation.

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