Why You Shouldn’t Do What Most Clubs Are Doing…


Despite the positive spin of our industry publications, I see dark clouds on the horizon for the UK fitness sector if we are not careful.

Of course, the Fitness Club sector is not in terminal decline, but significant regime change is long overdue.

The last 10 years has seen the creation of a very standardised model when it comes to the operation of fitness clubs.

Seth Godin wrote the wise words;

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure.

In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible”

Do you remember when you first saw a sheep?

Whatever age that was, when you saw sheep in a field, you were excited, weren’t you?

They were a new phenomenon, distinctly unusual, and remarkable.

The 10th time you came across them, …sheep no longer held the same fascination.

They’d become just boring old sheep in a field!

That’s what is happening to the general population when it comes to viewing fitness clubs and the way we promote our service.

It’s a case of same old, same old.

The challenge to fitness operators is to find ways to make your clubs “remarkable”.

Make change happen. Dare to be different.

Don’t be a sheep. Become a tartan sheep!

Become so engaging that customers can’t resist “remarking “about your club.

It’s more effective and much more profitable than slugging out promotional campaigns to a market that’s basically stopped listening.

We’ve just finished a field trial with one of the UKs biggest and most commercially astute leisure operators. They piloted our customer service programme over 3 months to see if it made any commercial sense.

They’ve just agreed to adopt the programme as the trial generated significant financial return on investment as well as showing a reduction in attrition during the period compared to the previous year.

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