Xperio Part 2: Tribe Training

Training with your friends has never been more fun with Xperio

Introducing Tribe – Small Group Training Sessions.

And why you should be running them at your club…

Tribe Training (small group training sessions) have been one of the most effective member programmes our clients have been running at their sites.

Why? Because it’s a chance for your members to gather their friends and train with one of your instructors in a small group personal training setting. There aren’t many things more fun and motivating for your members than to train and have fun with their friends at the same time.

It is a great way to get members of all levels of fitness feeling motivated and appreciated at your club.

Running these sessions is also a good motivator for your trainers, as it can break up the usual routine of 1 to 1 sessions they go through on a weekly basis. But ultimately, it’s about the level of service you provide to your members and making yourself different from your competitors.

Running sessions like these make you stand out and gets people talking about what it’s like at your club, making it “remarkable”.

You’ll want to contact your members to tell them all about Tribe through:

• Emails

• Texts

• Facebook posts

• Posters and Banners inside the club

Example of posters that can be distributed around your club

We recommend running this sort of campaign in a 2-week promo blast, encouraging your members to register and enrol.

As this would be a brand-new concept to a lot of your members, it is a good idea to advertise with their first session being free. So, they can get an idea of how it works and then, they’ll be more likely to turn into a paying customer of this service.

With that said, maybe it’s time you joined The Tribe…

In my next blog, I’ll be talking about monthly member and guest open days, another successful monthly event for fitness operators and their members, all part of the incredible Xperio programme.

If you want to make your fitness club “remarkable”, book in a short online demo to find out more about how Xperio can change your club for the better.

Book a slot in by 1st July and you’ll qualify for some special bonuses!


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